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You might well ask.

a) Has suddenly found his inner artist and is embellishing the house with sticks.

b)Has found a structural flaw in the second floor walls and is installing a series of support beams.


I first discovered what he was up to when walking down the stairs ..looking out the window I saw this..


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I said to Tim this morning – for heaven’s sake be careful. You and your Dad and ladders…ehhh not always a good mix.

It’s not a problem he said. I’ll stop when I get tired.

Okay I said. That sounds good.

By the way said I, you are not planning on using that little ladder up on the roof are you?

Yup I am.

9.5 non-stop hours later. “I got it done!”.

We’re not going to mention the tired part.

For the record. There is absolutely nothing that can be done about this. It’s in the genes.  Really,

My sincere apologies to you Art.


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When I arrived home today the entire lower roof. Yes. Lower roof. You need to watch that little design element. We essentially have two roofs. Upper and lower. Makes for lots and lots of soffit.

This is a long run of soffit. Also installed is almost all of the cedar trim. Left to do tomorrow is a small amount of cedar trim. High roof soffit on the east and west. And then Stage I is done.

Stage II is facia. And the upper soffit on the garage.

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The cedar trim is going up. The soffit is going up. All at a good clip.

Tim is on “holidays” today and tomorrow – so two of them are working on this.

I can barely sleep for excitement. Christmas all over again.

Isn’t it lovely?  Okay – maybe not lovely. But grand nonetheless.

Tim installing soffit:

And this because it is lovely. By the front porch. A reason to leave by the front door and not the side door or the back door.

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