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Yesterday was the 23rd (I think I have this right but it might be 22nd or 21st) Annual street sale on the Little Street.

The Little Girl and two friends set up a lemonade, cookie and fudge stand and raised almost $70.00 for JDRF.

I sold some stuff.

More importantly I bought two sets of curtains. Fully lined. Extra long. Pleated. Georgeous curtains.

The set below I bought from the sale set up by the Weston Historical Society. I love them. I think they will go in the living room with the window seat. Inspiration to finish painting the trim so I get these up.


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I am digging my way through boxes in the basement. For the second time. Maybe the third. Perhaps it’s four…I’ve lost count.

The annual street sale is coming up. And it being Spring it feels right to be shedding things.

I have always had a thing about drapes. Many years ago, in the days of totally amazing auctions and rummage sales, I picked up more than one pair. Heavy green velvet drapes burnished gold in spots from the sun. They finally fell apart but I used them for years.

Today I came across a set of bark cloth drapes I bought at a garage sale on the highway near Bancroft, Ontario. I am thinking this was likely at least 20  years ago. Maybe more. They were $3.00. Although I remember all this detail I have absolutely no recollection what I was doing near Bancroft.

As I was standing in the basement surrounded by boxes I started to wonder what they would look like in Little Girl’s room. With some reservations I approached the question. As whatever they are they are certainly not Bollywood.  Apparently however they may just do:) The colour is perfect. Just perfect. They are exactly wide enough plus plus. (I hate skimpy drapes). And the length. They are about three inches too short. And the hem is about 5 inches.

I knew I was hanging onto these for a reason. Like so many other pieces accumulated in my travels – these drapes have found home.

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