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This morning – early early – the light was a perfect grey. Delayed reaching for my camera while I had a coffee and missed the perfect light.

We have been living in our house on the Little Street for just over a year. I cannot wait to see it finished. This is the year. In the interim I do love this house. Finished or not.

Strange. Feels as if almost every piece I have collected was really destined for this house. Odd. This chandelier for example was purchased more than a decade ago – but without doubt belongs right here.


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We moved in last Friday.

I can’t tell you how much joy that brought – for all of us.

We can breathe. Space. Light. YAY. And a new appreciation for all the gifts we have.

It was so tiring that I have no pictures. No excuses. Just no pictures. Liz W. came by on Thursday last and cleaned  and cleaned and cleaned. On Friday Chris W. came by in the afternoon and he and Tim finished the big furniture.

On Saturday morning I went back to the bungalow and picked a few last things. Cleaned the rest of the apartment and closed the door. Goodbye.

Now you might think this could the end of the blog. But we are not there yet. There is lots to be painted and the exterior to be finished. And all that. So I will not close off just yet.

I can now however sit with a cup of tea in the livingroom and think about all the pictures in the POD and where I will hang them. Looking at the wacko light:) Need my books. Need my pictures. It’s all good.

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I have no pictures of this. Because honestly I couldn’t watch. And the title is a bit of a misnomer. Should read the tree, the truck and the winch.

It goes like this. There is a trailer in our backyard at the Little House. And on that trailer is a hoist for Tim’s garage. You truly don’t want to think about the size and weight of this thing. Yesterday Tim announced that he was going to take the hoist off the trailer. Because it was needed to get the back hoe. That would dig the hole. Where the stairs to the back porch would be built. Following?

You are not going to try and move this yourself?



It involves a tree, a truck and a winch.

Truly. I couldn’t watch. Although I did stop by at the Little House when I thought it might be over (I was almost right) just to make sure no one was under the hoist.

All is well. It came off. With a tree (not the Elm), a truck and a winch.

Yesterday was a day in which nothing happened. I hate that.

  • called Floor Guy who wasn’t available.
  • Inspector didn’t come.
  • No back hoe yet so no holes dug or stairs built.
  • No phone call re stair railings.


I want my stuff back. Out of the POD. And my house.


My pantry from the house at Ballycroy. Painted floors. I love painted floors. Haven’t factored any of those in. Am wondering if that is a mistake?

The corner sink had to stay. I loved that sink. I hope they have kept it. I found it at a garage sale.

My mother’s peonies. Some of which appear to have survived. Not happy. But alive. If they make through the winter I will move them to a sunny spot.


What we used to call the back room. I can spot any number of things I am dying to get my hands on. In the POD.

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After Maggie Muggins

Way back when. In my childhood. My mother read to me. When I was very very small she read the Maggie Muggins series. Written by Mary Grannan in the 1940s and 1950s. About Maggie and her adventures with Mr. McGarrity. And Maggie used to say, if memory serves, “I wonder what will happen tomorrow!”.

I have a few of these books still. In the POD of course. This picture is from reinap’s photostream on Flickr. Here:



Me too. I wonder. This is what I think might happen this week.

  • A second electrical inspection. Tim worked this weekend to fix the issues raised by the inspector. Went overboard and did more. The hope is that this inspection happens tomorrow.     NOT. Wednesday. Could be worse. Could be next Wednesday,
  • That a bob cat arrives, today perhaps, and the foundation is dug for the back stairs off the porch. The foundation poured and then the stairs built. They will be covered in flagstone.
  • That the Brick Angels come back. They will install the brick on the kitchen extension, repair the brick in the area of the gas meter and, with fortune smiling on us, install flagstone on the back porches and the stairs. This will conclude the brick and stone work for now.
  • If all goes well with the electrical inspection then likely Tim will start insulating this week. If there can be an insulation party this weekend very likely it will  get finished up. Which means dry wall could start early next week.

 Just saying. It could.

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There is good news and there is bad news.

The bad news was that I called dear Upholstery Guy, with whom we had left many pieces of furniture and a King’s ransom of fabric, about a hundred years ago. When we thought we would be moving into the Wee House in September 2008, December 2008, Tet, Marchsoon. And I have thankfully known Uphostery Guy for fifteen years. Otherwise it might have been necessary to hospitalize me. He moved. He forgot to tell me. And not around the corner either. Although certainly within driving distance. Only I didn’t have a phone number or an address. And for four long days I thought OMG it’s all gone. The good news is the darling man called me. And all the furniture, including my mother’s couch, is safely waiting.

The bad news is that while HVAC guys were supposed to be finished installing on Thursday they didn’t show up. Tim turned a funny colour of purple. Apparently someone was more urgent then us. Oh pleeese. Louder maybe. But no way more urgent. The good news is that they have done a fabulous job. So that we put the walls up we will know that this stuff is built like a tank, And they have promised to come back Saturday.

One thing I have learned. Talk is cheap. We’ll see.

Bad news is Framing Guy has still not come around to give us an estimate on the basement and the build in of the basement bulkheads etc. There is no good news that goes with this.

Bad news is that Electrician Guy was supposed to come on Monday Wednesday . The good news he came on Thursday. And the better news is that the electrical is close to finished. Electrician Guy is going to put in the new 200 amp service and connect everything up. Other than that and a few tweaks and twists she’s good to go.

The good news is major talented Cement Guys came this week and poured the two porch floors on the back of the house. Bad news is that the stair foundation had not been dug out so that stairs couldn’t be formed and poured. More bad news is that talented concrete guy has gone on holidays. For three weeks. To Portugal. Like that.

I have been reading other blogs of similarly afflicted house nuts individuals. Worldwide apparently . There is a wonderful blog called For the Love of a House. http://fortheloveofahouse.blogspot.com/

On this I read … If I knew then what I know now…I would never have done this. And I am so  glad I did not know.

I too am profoundly grateful that I didn’t know. Because I love my wee house on the Little Street.

No pictures, Because as you may have guessed it was not a stellar week.

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I spent two hours at the Little House this morning with Tim. Reviewing and revising the layout of the duct work. It is better now. Not perfect. But better.

Also sketched a layout for the laundry room.

Here is the Wisteria that Tim saved. Maybe one day it will bloom. Maybe next Spring.


We are keeping the porch light fixture. Taking it down. Cleaning off the rust. Repainting. And putting back up. I could be wrong but my guess is that it is likely original to the house.


Living room furniture as of June, 2009. It willl get better.


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