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Place des Vosges

So very beautiful. It was here we found the courtyard with the Mole Hill. Art galleries that make the mouth water. Designers. And in wandering through one of the courtyards – residents identified on their buzzers only by inititals. Which tells one all one really needs to know about who might have an apartment at Place des Vosges.


Just lovely. Even in winter.


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A few pictures

Roof Line. Fire escape?



Place Dauphine

Mole Hill

Flowers on the street.

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The day I missed. Dang. Although the Catacombs was not for me in any event. Although I would very much have liked to have seen this – I was not prepared for the very narrow, winding and enclosed staircase that is the exit. Nope. Just thinking about it makes me feel anxious.

H’s photos.

6 million souls.

But I am sad that I missed a return trip to Pere-Lachaise.

Darn it – I really wanted to see this subway stop. And this would be a ..?

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Rodin and Angelina’s

This was Wednesday. Sadly Thursday went up in smoke for me. But Wednesday was grand. We paid a visit to the Rodin Museum – which I had visited before and loved. The gardens even in winter are lovely.

Roses in December. While we walked a gardener was slowly clipping off the last blooms.

Then we walked back to Rue de Rivoli and found a place famous for its hot chocolate. All but M pronounced  it a worthwhile once in a lifetime experience. Essentially piping hot melted chocolate with a dash of creme. M sipped. Noted that it was too much like pudding for her taste. And will be giving the chocolat chaud a miss for the balance of the trip.

Angelina’s. The place of chocolat chaud. Is right next door to another book store bearing a plaque advising that it was the first english language bookstore on the Continent. Galignani. We spend more happy time browsing shelves. I have tried to think of an Ontario equivalent. Nope. There isn’t one.

Honestly – it is the most beautiful of cities. I thought we would go and see the water lilies after lunch. Sadly the line here too stretched to the horizon. In light drizzle it seemed unwise.

Above – a small section of the Gates of Hell.

Thursday I woke with a cold and a fever. Which seems bloody unfair. Tim and H headed out to the Catacombs. They waited over two hours to enter the City of the Dead. Then they headed off to my favourite cemetery. Concluding, correctly, that if could not go myself I would want them to go to wander its streets.

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On the way to the Catacombs

We found approximately three hundred people lines up – winding down the street and around and around the corner and around another corner. At 60 visitors an hour it was not an attractive prospect. We left. Walked up (or down?) to St. Michel in search of St. Germain and lunch at Deux Magots.

On the way.

We had lunch here. Don’t ask. Really. But let me say that the people watching was out of this world.

A park dedicated to the great explorers.

And Luxembourg Gardens without her finery.

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If you don’t read the fine print. If you hurry through. You may end up with two sets of tickets to the Eiffel Tower. Just suggesting that it is possible. Unlikely perhaps. But possible.

But such was my experience. So we made two trips yesterday to that famous tower and saw the city spread out before us at 10:30 am and again at 9:00 pm

The fact is that it was H who stopped to take the iconic photograph in the morning from the Trocadero. (No accents – working on the Mac – all asleep – no assistance to be had.) I will add H’s far superior photo later today.

Photo editing is dismal. I have absolutly no idea what I am doing with this computer.

And the photograph I have wanted to take all my life. Of course when I have the chance I am far too taken with what I see with the eye.


Three of them on the Trocadero.

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