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Credit where credit is due. About three months ago, as I was moaning about where I was going to get a kitchen that we could afford, my good friend Ellen said, “Have you been to the ReStore?” Nope I hadn’t. Since then I have made a number of significant scores. Including my 700 feet of plaster crown moulding. Now to top that  ~ a set of upper cabinets.  Fitted.  Exactly the right size for the pantry. In a pale yellow shade (which doesn’t show in the picture) that is not flowery at all. It will fit either the pantry or the kitchen. It is a perfect piece. Just perfect. With the undercounter bits common to the arts and crafts era. Over the moon I am. And if it were not for Ellen, the lovely Mom to lovely A below, I likely would never have figured this out.

The pictures don’t do the piece justice. They really don’t. Taken at night with a flash. As the cabinet was sitting in the back of Tim’s truck. Not the best of circumstances.



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When you have NO pipes the City turns your water off. As in OFF. As in not like a tap.

Apparently this is wise as water with no pipes is NOT a good idea.

Apparently. One needs water to mix mortar. Which one need to lay block (see below).

Here is where the Ode comes in. Pauline and Margaret have water. And allowed us to hook up a hose to their house. To get the water to mix the mortar to lay the blocks that built the wee house that we will EVENTUALLY live in.

In some place there are people that you live next door to. In some places there are people who share air and space.

In other places there are neighbours. As in Neighbours. And this is what the Little Street has…

In lieu of a picture of Pauline and Margaret…which I don’t have handy here is a picture of Tim. Calling me. About the WATER. But I was there already. Taking this picture. HA.


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