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July 1st

Camera on the blink. I find I do not reach for the other camera the same way I  do with my own. So an entire evening of photo opportunities. Poof.

Captured the gang headed down to the school yard to watch the totally amazing community fireworks.

Also Tim went out last week and bought a flag pole and a flag.  In this neighbourhood flags are hung for Canada Day.

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Now in the Globe and Mail!

Again with a story about Weston. The little village that could. A place where most everybody knows your name. Or failing that your dog’s name. One of Canada’s most diverse communities. Honestly – what I can’t understand is why all my friends are not packing up to move to Weston:)

Picture is from the Globe and Mail article.


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Our Town

Well. Yesterday was a red letter day.

First – it was Canada Day. And the Little Street was decked out.

And in case you were wondering….Apparently the phrase dates to 1490. Red Letter came into wider use in 1549 when the first Book of Common Prayer included a calendar with holy days marked in red ink. Who knew?

Getting to the point. On the front page of the Globe and Mail (a copy of which I will be relentlessly seeking starting just as soon as it is polite to start telephoning) on July 1st – Canada’s Top Ten Communities. Turn to page 7 (I believe). The only Ontario community listed. Our Weston. Really. Not kidding. Not making it up. Truly. No guff. I mean even as a newcomer I knew this already. Certainly those who have lived here all their lives, those who have raised their children here – they all knew it. All those, and there are many, who were born here, raised here and left for other parts. They knew it. But it is a fact that many folks in Toronto didn’t know it. Although if they read their Globe yesterday – THEY DO NOW! Sorry didn’t mean to shout.

Oh BC friends did you see the Globe yesterday?



Photo from the Globe and Mail.

The article includes a picture of the Little Street. Tree lined beautiful street.

Photo from the Globe and Mail.

The summary in the Globe is good but it does not say it all. The heart of this is community. The small town in the big city.

You can read the whole article here. And if your are from here you can read it several dozen times. Before sighing happily and sitting down on the porch to watch the neighbourhood walk by…

Neighbours who know each other, watch out for each other and care for each other. And who come together to celebrate the ties that create community.

Before we moved here I spoke with several folks in the community about schools. One neighbour explained the community in these terms. She told me that when her boys were growing up and were going out on their bikes she would warn them to keep their helmets on. (This apparently being a point of conflict). She would remind them that within 30 seconds or less of the helmets being removed she would hear about it. Her phone would ring. The village would let her know that her boys didn’t have their helmets on.

It takes a village to raise a child.

A much beloved cat went missing. Dozens and dozens were out in minutes searching the neighbourhood.

It takes a village to keep us safe.

Our house was slated for the wrecker’s ball. The community came together in force and stood up for the Little House and the Elm. And they saved the Little House and the Elm.

It takes a village to be strong.

The Elm, which stands at the front of our property is said to be very old. Older than Canada.

Not mentioned in the article – Neighbours Night Out. The Weston Historical Society and Weston’s first (but not last) designated Historical District. Halloween on the Little Street, The 24th Annual Garage Sale on the Little Street.

On Canada Day Joe and Liz throw the best party in the  best community in the city country. I was distressed yesterday to have missed the best parts for the second year in a row…Will find a way to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.Bagpipes, singing of O Canada and on and on.   But the fireworks were awesome.

Don’t have to muddle words any more. No more – we’re near Black Creek and the 401. The 400 and the 401.

We live at Jane and Lawrence. In Weston.

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Last weekend was the Santa Claus parade. Which was, for the most part, bigger and better than last year. With two exceptions. Sad. Sad Sad. No lion dancers.

And well Santa was a bit thin. A bit unSanta like.

Wonder what happened to last year’s Santa. He was too wonderful for words.

A face.

Another face.

I like this umbrella.

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My Weston ~ Spring




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My Weston







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My Weston












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My Weston *

* Disclaimer ~ I tender my profound apologies. As a interloper and a johnny come lately  newcomer,  I have taken great liberties by selecting this title for this series of posts.

I wasn’t born here, was only just recently dropped here and have no roots here. (Well this is not entirely true – my grandfather played the organ at the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd.) But there are so many corners of this place in which I see pictures and which I truly love, the title seemed just right.

So now that the Market is almost done for the year…my plan is to take pictures of the corners and pieces of Weston that capture my eye. To bookend my weeks. And to keep me from going mad with the waiting.

Stone Walls



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