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It’s time for root veg.


Honey Crisp are back!


And the flowers are still there.


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Not just a pretty apple…


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It is such a joy being at the market on a lovely day in late summer. As the produce piles get higher and higher.


I know there are quite a few of you who will have doubts about this. But I really would like to pickle some of these. And put them in the cantina.



These are better than candy.



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Don’t suppose I could suggest to them that they get some of those cute little chalk boards they use in France and Germany and well – everywhere but here?


Ontario carrots. Which would look just grand in the cold room.


Delphiniums Blue. I do hope I have enough light for a bed of these.

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To be fair, I believed, as I was loading pictures of the market on this blog last summer that by the time the produce started rolling in again… Well I believed I would be bringing bags home to the Little House. Visions of strawberry jam. As they sell flats of amazing small berries. Pickled beets. (For those who know me well I acknowledge that making jam and pickling beets is not something I regularly engage in. But even so. I WOULD. I REALLY WOULD. The beets anyway.) I am not however pickling anything in the Wee House.

The colours are beautiful ~ golden beets.IMG_2096


There is much joy in this. The colours.


And there is absolutely nothing wrong with garden variety beets.



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Which reminds me to make note of the fact that it has been just over a year since my very first post on this blog – April 22, 2008. I have eaten my way through about half of my space.  An anniversary of sorts. We will be done before I run out of wordpress space on this blog. For sure.

It was a rainy first day. But it was nice to be there. Only a few vegtable stands, the Egg Man, the Pea Meal Bacon Sandwich Man. Flower and Corn folks were there too. No corn of course. But flowers. Enough to make one feel like celebrating the start of the season.

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Now – these are APPLES!!

Honey Crisp.

And what is a Thanksgiving without PIES!


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Three more weeks ~ I will miss the market.

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