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In the Walls ~ Puzzle


A small puzzle. An envelope. Addressed to Miss Collinge at 57 Norfolk Square, London, England. So someone at the Collinge household was going to write to Miss Collinge and prepared the letter right up to sealing the envelope. But not sent.


Not sure what these folks did with respect to the building of the house? Hmmm.

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Dozens of pieces have been found over the last week in the walls and ceiling. It will take a while to get them all done for sure.


So to start…

A box that once contained electrical tape.  Found on January 8, 2009. And it will likely be our last Finding. As alas there are no more ceilings or walls.  Of course there is always the yard.  At Ballycroy we found the most amazing stuff when digging gardens:)




Weston Ratepayers Association…. no date. Well  about a week after Tuesday, February 19 but that’s not terribly helpful. This should serve as a warning to all to ensure notices are properly dated:)





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Well. We think this is the  bathtub(s) that was in the house. The one on the main floor is gone. The pink one. The upstairs one is white and we will keep it.


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Most of the photographs were found today behind the bookshelf in the living room.




I would surely love to know who these folks are…

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On one side it says Belleville.  On the other side it says G1.

I thought perhaps a hotel key…but honestly I have no idea?

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Found today tucked away under the rafters… which Tim worked on uncovering today,


A mailing tube (sadly empty) addressed to Raymond H. Collinge, Architect. Collinge designed and built the house on Queens Drive.

mailed for 4 cents…

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In the Walls ~ Masons

The most recent finding ~ in the walls. Very likely deliberately tucked away and then forgotten. A very long time ago.



Tucked into the book we found five handwritten pages ~ in beautiful script.  It would appear to be the script for the innitiation ceremony.


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Hmmm. Found in the chimney. At the basement of the chimney between the basement and the ground floor. It, whatever “it” is, bears the stamp, “Made in England”.

Sailmarkers awl?

Leather awl?

It does not appear that it ever had a handle ~ so what ever it was used for was bleeding hard work.

First Prize for the correct answer ~ a framed 8 X 10 photgraph of the “awl” 🙂

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In the Walls ~ Linoleum

A long narrow strip of linoleum. Found on the floor under a cupboard (a rather newish kitchen cupboard) on the second floor. We have seen no evidence that this particular linoleum was installed elsewhere in the house.

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At least on two occasions efforts were made to insulate the house using newspaper – wherever this could be easily inserted into the walls. 1924 and again in 1930. So Tim has been retrieving bits of newspaper from various walls in the house.


The other day however he found an completely intact paper from February 1924.

The front page of which included this article..

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