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I have been frozen daunted by the number of updates I need to complete in order to maintain a record of the house. I have noticed (wandering around the internet looking for blogs with a focus on arts and crafts bungalows) that an alarming number of people appear to give up mid-stream. Leaving one wondering whether it was just the blog that was abandoned or whether these poor folks simply flung up their hands.

Two things have been stopping me in my tracks.

The ENORMITY of it all. I thought once the framing was done (or almost done) that huge waves of hope and energy would wash over me. At the moment this appears not to be the case. It’s more like. OMG.

The anxiety associated with the ENORMITY of it all has been seriously aggravated by the glitches. Which I understand will not amount to a hill of beans in the long run. Indeed I am writing this largely in the hope that next Easter I can laugh about this. Ha. Ha

More about the glitches later.

Tim’s garage.


Tim’s garage as seen from the upstairs bathroom window.


The upstairs hall as seen from H’s bedroom. The Spring light streaming in those windows. I love the stairwell. I love the upstairs hall.


One corner of M’s bedroom. On the far left is a bookcase. Next to the bookcase is the door to her walk-in closet/secret hideaway.


H’s bedroom taken from the doorway. Showing nifty little alcove where she plans to put a desk the door to her walk-in closet.


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In the course of the final deconstruction of the house our Angels came across a package of materials in the ceiling. Basically all together in one spot like a file. I do not believe this was accidental. It seems to me that one does not routinely lose an entire file in the ceiling (or floor depending on one’s perspective). So I am thinking that Mr. Collinge put it there for someone to find. And had the house been deconstructed the way most houses are, by folks hired to clean out in the fastest possible time, we likely would never have seen this. Likely it would have gone, like so pieces of  history, straight into the bin. But as the Angels understood how important this history was to us it was carefully retrieved from the ceiling with much aplomb and excitment.

The “file” includes many, many documents. A virtually complete history of the construction of the house.

Perhaps most interesting for us was in a Blue Print. Of a building described as “Cottage # 2”.  The plans are for a house very similar to the wee house. The only difference is the roof line. To my great joy we found that the roof line designed for Cottage # 2 (perhaps a second house planned for the west half of the property and interrupted by the Great Depression???) is virtually identical to the design of our new second story.

I am hoping that the Collinges and the house will be pleased.


January 5th, 1920.


A bill from W.C. Burrage, Builder and Contractor to Mr. R.H. Collinge. The bill was for trimming, excavation, erecting cribbing, making cedar frames, filling for veranda opening ete etc etc.


Hours and hours and hours of labour. The total bill being $153.60

The carpenter worked 51 hours at .70 cents an hour. Total for almost two weeks work was $35.70.


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