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Giving Thanks

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Dear Lois

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Another Day…

I thought about my mother and imagined she and I could sit together and listen to Stephen Lewis speak. I thought about how very very happy it would have made her to see so many young people in the crowds. How delighted she would have been to hear all the voices raised together. And I thought also of dear friends who would, I imagined, remember their parents on this day.

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After Lois ~ Grateful

If you know about Wallace Nutting you will know of what I speak in naming this post. I have a number of photographs acquired over the years – inscribed with the words  “after Wallace Nutting….”

Lois and I stood in pretty much the same spots on the same day at the same hour in the town of Moron. Pointing our cameras.

Taking pictures with my friend Lois is a pure pleasure. Let’s do this again sometime real soon okay?

Another time I will wear muted colours. I promise. I will wear a big jacket and heat be damned to shelter my big lens. I will venture closer in. Just look at the detail on those columns. Just look at the tile in the entryway. I will walk very slowly.

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