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Honestly. PicMonkey is the best. Rarely if ever do I think about Picnik.

Columbine recently purchased. Roses. Yay. Hard to grow where we used to live. Here apparently effortless.┬áThis is a climbing rose which will move to the front of the house once the garden bed is properly dug and fed. Oma’s peony.

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Today Tim borrowed this.

A mini version of the machine that rumbled up my dear friend Lois’ driveway last week. But the same idea.

Disembarking is not for sissies. Do not try this at home.

This little machine is going to dig two trenches which will become raised garden beds. Those walnuts you know.

It will also dig two other perpendicular beds in one of the few areas of full sun …for my mother’s peonies and such.

Our back porch is getting a ceiling and so forth. So Tim set up a spot under one of the walnuts for sitting. Nice.

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Shocking really. Almost the whole of April and all of May. The twin issues of the horribly slow replacement computer and the yet to be replaced camera battery charger loom still. ┬áMakes nonsense out of the phrase, “Click of a button”.

But I know I will regret my failure to record the comings and goings. So I will grit my teeth and live with these challenges.

We are waiting for lots to happen. Things not photo worthy have been going on. Our 200 amp service is connected and running. YAY. Our air conditioner was hooked up last Friday just in time for the heat wave. Yay again.

Tim spent the entire weekend in the garden. Disposing of weeds, leveling ground and spreading top soil. The birds were soooooo happy. All those worms. They sat in the trees overhead chirping away.

And because I cannot resist a plant sale I brought home some “pinks” which Tim planted for me in one of our sunny spots.

I have never had “pinks” before. But have admired those growing in other gardens.

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