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Marion Ruth

December 28 is my mother’s birthday.

Yesterday, on the 27th, I was sorting through more boxes in the basement. Boxes boxes boxes.

And I found a rug I have been looking for for years. I have been trying to remember what might have become of it. It is one of my mother’s many creations and it lay on the kitchen floor of our family home in front of the sink. Comfy quilting to sink your feet into as you washed dishes.

The rug said, “I Hate Dishes but I Like Cooking”. I had completely forgotton about the “I Like Cooking” part.

In the box it was wrapped up to form a draft snake. Fabric put together, often with newspaper rolled inside, to be placed at the bottom of exterior doors to prevent cold drafts. This was in the days before serious weatherproofing:) I can only conclude that my mother, always finding a reuse for everything long before such a concept was popular, decided that the piece had outlived its usefulness as a rug. So she rolled it up and sewed it up and tied the ends with colourful ribbon. And all the years I have owned it I always thought it was a draft buster. And I have always wondered what happened to that rug.

As I picked it up out of the box I realized it was not my mother’s standard draft buster. No newspaper. And the ends were open. And the ribbon was a novelty too – none of the others have ribbons. And bing – I knew what it was.  I untied the ribbons and pulled apart the threads and there it was.

And I am taking this as a gift from my Ma. She told me she would always be there watching over my shoulder.

My mother and I. Belgrade circa 1957.

My mother with my sister, me and a friend. Berlin circa 1964.

My mother. Circa 1953. At a black tie event in Warsaw. This was her wedding dress cut down to a very swanky evening dress.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her.

I would not have thought of doing this were it not for my friend Lois. Lois who has created the most beautiful of tributes to her parents on her blog.  It made me so happy to be thinking about my Ma today in this way. Thank you Lois.

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Radio Silence

I wonder what I will think, assuming I keep a record of this blog, when I look back and see that March 2010 was a month I skipped over.

We took a break. Much needed break. Now dealing with re-entry which is much more challenging than it normally is.

And the icing on the cake is that our fine, valiant, loyal and trusty desktop computer appears to have run into a major issue. Which would, in my previous life, have sent me into a tailspin of angst. However the tailspin of the last year and a half puts many things in a strange perspective.

So March will be slow on this end of the trail. As we attempt to restart the engines. Tick the boxes. And get that computer fixed.

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There are days when I think I have spent the past year with my head in the sand. Really.

I am the only one who hadn’t seen this yet?


Image courtesy of Chris Perrett, naturesart – as seen on The Prince’s Rainforest Project.


You can sign the petition. Better still you can make a video, with a very handsome frog, and upload the video to the site.

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