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We are dog sitting for the weekend. Clover is her name. They are a team.

Lots of equipment arrived on Friday. Tim is digging out and laying the foundation for our terrace and a stone walkway to the garage.

You have to close your eyes and imagine flagstone. And because we had all this big equipment on site – Tim removed the two overgrown shrubs from the front garden bed. We had tried cutting them back with ambiguous results. In the end the choice was to say goodbye.

Where the Shrubs Were

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Chair No 1

Rest easy. I will not do four chair posts.

Every chair however does have its own story. In this three years did make a difference. Three years ago I was luke warm about fluted backs on chairs. No longer the case. But I had completely forgotten I had asked him to get rid of the fluted back. Oh well. Just an excuse to need another chair.

This chair came from the Ballycroy garage sale. Truth be told I didn’t actually buy it. I traded it. I had two identical 1930s armchairs. I only really wanted one. So I switched them out and we sold the 1930s chair instead.

Haven’t made a final decision about its final resting place. It is in the living room settling in.

I do wish I had taken a picture of them all coming the door – like a bouquet of flowers. So grand.

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In July 2008 we left the house in the country for the last time. And moved to the wee house – the 500 square foot bungalow where we would spend five eighteen months before finally joyfully moving into the house on the Little Street. Just before we moved we took a truck full of furniture, 4 armchairs of the smallish sort and a couch to amazing upholstery guy – who at the time resided just outside Orangeville.

There was as you know absolutely no room in the wee house for 4 armchairs, no matter how diminutive, and certainly no room for a couch. So the furniture stayed with amazing upholstery guy. Flash forward a couple of years and I place a call to amazing upholstery guy only to find the number not in service. Ahhhh. I remember suddenly that he said he was thinking of moving – to the Kingston area. Searching memory banks and internet (what on earth did we do before the internet?) I came up with a relative in the Orangeville area. Thank god for distinctive last names. I found a brother who gave me a phone number. Eureka!

This past weekend the furniture came home. Most importantly my mother’s couch came home. All dressed in its new finery. In the week before the furniture arrived I would have been biting my nails if this was something I did. I remembered vaguely the fabric I had chosen almost three years ago. Sort of. I envisioned hating  it. I envisioned having so moved past the choices I made.

Eureka again. Not so. I love it all and it fits just right as if it was all made to be here. Happy happy about that.

We have not seen the couch without a child reclining on it all week. No idea where they were when I snapped these pictures.

Sadly the picture also shows the trim painting that remains to be finished. All in good time.

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I think it will be done before the snow flies. But Tim does spent most of his free time up on ladders:(

Having said this – his work has been much admired.  And this makes him happy.

The front is finished! I think it looks just grand.

One of my favorite parts of the house is the roof lines – best seen from the west side. But here they are stacked up on top of one another, all dressed in cedar,  from the front.

Yesterday Tim painted the back window. Today the cedar is going up.

After this – one more side on the house and then the garage.


Mid Autumn Mood has come and gone. Hoping for some warm autumn days. Somewhat belatedly – Happy Têt-Trung-Thu!

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This weekend Tim painted the front window and managed to get up almost half the cedar. The front of the house is going so much faster. All straight aways. No corners. Only fittings to do are around the window. It looks grand.

One of the odd optical effects is that as the house wrap disappears under the cedar the chimney stands out. I had almost forgotten that beautiful chimney:) Can you see the chimney peeking through the tree on the right?

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While I and the Girl and H walked in the Labour Day Parade – Tim labourered *. And before you going feeling too sorry for him. He really didn’t want to walk in the parade if truth be known.

So the west side is done with the exception of a tiny piece that needs an extension ladder.

* That was a slip of the keyboard – brought on I do believe by the term “labourer”…and all things related to labourers. A bit all consuming at the moment. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Right up to the peak. 22 bundles of cedar. At least 8 full days.

Because the scaffolding is up Tim is doing the painting too. Easier that way. Even though he really wanted to get to the front today – but that is not going to work. The west side, however,  is lookin grand.

It will end up looking like this:

And this:

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Bit by bit. Piece by piece. The cedar goes up. Shortly the west wall, the wall with the most cedar, will be done. YAY. I am thinking it’s looking mighty fine.

You can’t imagine the hours Tim has put in to this. Maybe you can.

Here is where he is working now.

Just a few more days and he will move to the front of the house. YAY.

Taking a break with the dog.

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Young folks who work…


Garage trim is coming along nicely.


And the amazing Tim! You gotta admit it looks pretty great.

Above and below. Very tricky pieces. Multiple angles and all that. He’ll soon be on the straight away – and is looking forward to this.


And Scout with his Stick. Wrestled to the ground. Subdued. Defeated. And then dragged into the house.


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Closet Man came back and installed Little Girl’s closet. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

A nice thought in any event.

Also more playing with the camera.


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Over the weekend Tim has been working on the cedar – and has worked his way up the stairwell.

If you look carefully you can see where he has started a row of shake across the bottom of the larger section of the upper house (left hand side).

The heat doesn’t make this any easier. Yesterday was 34.

It sure does look grand.

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