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PicMonkey now has a collage function. Happy. Happy. Happy.

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Looking through a doorway.

Just another hotel lobby. Have to wonder just how long she has been there.

Inside the Cathedral.

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Two Happy Guys

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You are never too big for this.

Going to dinner in style.

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We were only in Havana for three days. One could easily stay for three months or three years and never run out of subjects to photograph.


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I have spent the past month and a half moaning pretty much non-stop, muttering under my breath, seething and spitting at google.  Companies that swallow small and beautiful things, chew them up and spit them out – destroyed, demolished, evaporated.

Thus it was with Picnik 

Then. I found PicMonkey. YAY. Built by Picnikers. Yay. Yay. Yay. The day is saved. No more moaning. Although it should be said that it is very unlikely that my opinion of google will change any time soon.

We have recently returned from holiday. So some pictures.

Laundry in Havana



H on the Malecon.

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After Lois ~ Grateful

If you know about Wallace Nutting you will know of what I speak in naming this post. I have a number of photographs acquired over the years – inscribed with the words  “after Wallace Nutting….”

Lois and I stood in pretty much the same spots on the same day at the same hour in the town of Moron. Pointing our cameras.

Taking pictures with my friend Lois is a pure pleasure. Let’s do this again sometime real soon okay?

Another time I will wear muted colours. I promise. I will wear a big jacket and heat be damned to shelter my big lens. I will venture closer in. Just look at the detail on those columns. Just look at the tile in the entryway. I will walk very slowly.

You can visit Lois by clicking on Country Mice in my sidebar. Or here:


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Through a Doorway

We walked past an open doorway and I saw this. I made a move to lift my camera – Tim thinking I was going to attempt to photograph the two women sitting in the entrance way …grabbed my arm. I assured him that although I would have dearly loved to photograph them sitting there waiting for I don’t know what … that I would be happy with this. So I backed up.

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