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Honestly. PicMonkey is the best. Rarely if ever do I think about Picnik.

Columbine recently purchased. Roses. Yay. Hard to grow where we used to live. Here apparently effortless. This is a climbing rose which will move to the front of the house once the garden bed is properly dug and fed. Oma’s peony.

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PicMonkey now has a collage function. Happy. Happy. Happy.

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We are dog sitting for the weekend. Clover is her name. They are a team.

Lots of equipment arrived on Friday. Tim is digging out and laying the foundation for our terrace and a stone walkway to the garage.

You have to close your eyes and imagine flagstone. And because we had all this big equipment on site – Tim removed the two overgrown shrubs from the front garden bed. We had tried cutting them back with ambiguous results. In the end the choice was to say goodbye.

Where the Shrubs Were

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Instructions for photographing your children: start when they are very young. Never let up. Ignore all protests. Eventually the camera is just part of the scenery. Pretty much. I am hoping that when they are grown they see the record of their growing up as a treasure.

To the point. Work on the house has been pretty very slow in the past year. The inside anyway. And my record keeping has been less than complete.

Finally it would appear that the countertops for the two main bathrooms are coming soon. Yay. Stone purchased. Arrangements made.

Tim is digging out for the terrace in the back.

Pictures to follow.

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I will not, for the record, be buying shares of Facebook on Friday. I confess I have a page that I rarely visit and haven’t updated in years. But The Girl has allowed me to be her friend again and from time to time I wander by to look at the pictures.

This picture was taken at Algonquin Park Camp Kawartha last  September July. Shows how much I know:(

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