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Now in the Globe and Mail!

Again with a story about Weston. The little village that could. A place where most everybody knows your name. Or failing that your dog’s name. One of Canada’s most diverse communities. Honestly – what I can’t understand is why all my friends are not packing up to move to Weston:)

Picture is from the Globe and Mail article.


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Guess who loves me?

Scout. He has figured out that if he gets up on the table he can watch the car. I pulled out. He went to check the door to see if I was coming back in. Then back to the window to wait.

It’s nice to be loved. Although he could be described as just a tad clingy.

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Scout…..Happy Halloween!

Yup. He was a WarLock. Or at least that’s what we told him. (Modified witch hat….shhhh)

Mighty Dog. Needs a bit of a trim.

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