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Young folks who work…


Garage trim is coming along nicely.


And the amazing Tim! You gotta admit it looks pretty great.

Above and below. Very tricky pieces. Multiple angles and all that. He’ll soon be on the straight away – and is looking forward to this.


And Scout with his Stick. Wrestled to the ground. Subdued. Defeated. And then dragged into the house.


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I think. Struggling with the lighting in an arena. Just not enough light. So this is why folks pay thousands and thousands of $ for a lens.

So I took what I had and played with it.

And playing with my camera on manual a couple of days ago…

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Closet Man came back and installed Little Girl’s closet. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

A nice thought in any event.

Also more playing with the camera.


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Bonny’s House

Built in 1906. Leaded glass throughout. They knew how to do things in 1906.

Still on Manual:) Top photo is 1/640. Av 4.0. Bottom is 1/400. Av. 4.0. No. 1 is a tad underexposed. But I like it better. Fun fun fun.

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Dear Lois

I set my camera to M. I played with the ISO. I played with the aperture. I clicked away.

Now don’t get me wrong I still need that green button for quick gone in a flash shots. And the AV setting is a nice middle ground. But. .. provided that I do this over and over. Oh ..I almost forgot. I adjusted the white balance. Not custom. But adjusted even so. Provided I do this over and over I may just be getting the hang of it. Feeling like I have just entered a whole new world. Truly now salivating over a new camera and new lens. But resolutely putting the cart back behind the horse. We’ll see.

All because I can hear you:) Put it in Manual Mary. Go on. Put it in Manual.

Thank you Lois.

 What you lose in automatic – shadows.


Okay. Needs some work:) But still. HAHA. Manual!

The thing for me, for whom these setting are not intuitive, is that I need to play around with the settings pretty much constantly until I have them fried into my brain.

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Scout is almost five months old. This is what he looked like when he  was quite a bit younger. Really how can you resist?

If I had to guess, which I do as I forgot to ask, I would say 2.5 to 3 months.

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All the time. While driving. Eating in restaurants. Walking down the street. All the time.

Detail in the landscape is lacking. But everything is large – perhaps to fill those wide open spaces?

We went to see Frank’s Slide. Where in 1903 Turtle Mountain came crashing down into the valley covering almost half of the town of Frank. More about Frank’s Slide here and here.   The Blackfoot and the Kutenai called Turtle Mountain, “the mountain that moves” and would not camp in the area that was subsequently buried in the slide. 

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Over the weekend Tim has been working on the cedar – and has worked his way up the stairwell.

If you look carefully you can see where he has started a row of shake across the bottom of the larger section of the upper house (left hand side).

The heat doesn’t make this any easier. Yesterday was 34.

It sure does look grand.

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Just Sayin…

Think major highway. Four lane divided highway. Speed limit of 110klm/hr. Major four lane divided highway with areas with no access ramps. In lieu of access ramps there are intersections. Important Intersections! Just so as there is no mistake about it…

The vehicle of choice here is the white four by four. I would only exaggerate slightly by suggesting that every fourth vehicle on the road is a white four by four. There must be a reason for this. I just don’t know what that reason would be.

There are lots full of them…

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