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I would buy a place by the sea. Not a lot of land. But right by the water. I would design a small house with big windows and a view of the sea from every window and shutters and a smallish porch. It would be just big enough for me and mine and for dear ones to come to visit. But maybe not all at once. It would be smallish. A bit cramped. But as the outdoors would be the best place to be this would not matter a whit.

I have several places in mind. Tim, I might add, occasionally trolls the real estate sites for areas such as this. Tucked away. Tucked far away.

I am thinking he might like to build such a house. Once we’re done with this one of course.

Like this. Comfy chairs. Ditch the palm. Just look at the ones growing all around. Lots of white. Lots of stripes. Picture is from Coastal Living.

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Two Dads….

We love them both very much.


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Mr. Paddy O’Malley ripped open the soffit. (Would I make this up?) No pictures because it is toooooo depressing.  And he squeezed in. My words at the time will not be repeated here.

Good news is that he was unable to return to the attic as Tim and Earl had blocked off just about all access. But he was able to hide in the wall by the upstairs bathroom. I know this because I could HEAR him climbing up.

He is gone this morning. Tim is off to the stores to buy some lumber to make sure entry is completely blocked and then will screw down soffit with an excess of hardware.

Honestly. Enough.

Goodbye. GOODBYE. Here’s your hat. And what’s your hurry?

Got it? GOOD.  Bye

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Art in the City

There is a parking lot in a neighbourhood I visit. The lot is surrounded by Victorian row houses some in a state of disrepair and some dolled up to go the ball. A couple of little cafes. Alley ways. Steps away from a major city street.

I would dearly love to take my big kid and friends down for a photo shoot. I have asked. I await the response.

I did show these pictures to the Big Girl yesterday. ” A bit sketchy”, said she. “Yup”, said I. But don’t ya love it?

Honestly. Aren’t they grand? Fence People.

Someone wove this through the fence.

The fence surrounds a house long abandoned. There is a story here no doubt.

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You might well ask.

a) Has suddenly found his inner artist and is embellishing the house with sticks.

b)Has found a structural flaw in the second floor walls and is installing a series of support beams.


I first discovered what he was up to when walking down the stairs ..looking out the window I saw this..


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I said to Tim this morning – for heaven’s sake be careful. You and your Dad and ladders…ehhh not always a good mix.

It’s not a problem he said. I’ll stop when I get tired.

Okay I said. That sounds good.

By the way said I, you are not planning on using that little ladder up on the roof are you?

Yup I am.

9.5 non-stop hours later. “I got it done!”.

We’re not going to mention the tired part.

For the record. There is absolutely nothing that can be done about this. It’s in the genes.  Really,

My sincere apologies to you Art.


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Yesterday was the 23rd (I think I have this right but it might be 22nd or 21st) Annual street sale on the Little Street.

The Little Girl and two friends set up a lemonade, cookie and fudge stand and raised almost $70.00 for JDRF.

I sold some stuff.

More importantly I bought two sets of curtains. Fully lined. Extra long. Pleated. Georgeous curtains.

The set below I bought from the sale set up by the Weston Historical Society. I love them. I think they will go in the living room with the window seat. Inspiration to finish painting the trim so I get these up.


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For non-payment of rent. For, hmm, say 5 years. And we won’t even talk about his ancestors.

Under the Landlord Tenant Act. Mr. P.  O’Malley (apologies to my ancestors) has to go.

Ta Ta.

Good Bye.


Arrears are forgiven.

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When I arrived home today the entire lower roof. Yes. Lower roof. You need to watch that little design element. We essentially have two roofs. Upper and lower. Makes for lots and lots of soffit.

This is a long run of soffit. Also installed is almost all of the cedar trim. Left to do tomorrow is a small amount of cedar trim. High roof soffit on the east and west. And then Stage I is done.

Stage II is facia. And the upper soffit on the garage.

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