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This morning – early early – the light was a perfect grey. Delayed reaching for my camera while I had a coffee and missed the perfect light.

We have been living in our house on the Little Street for just over a year. I cannot wait to see it finished. This is the year. In the interim I do love this house. Finished or not.

Strange. Feels as if almost every piece I have collected was really destined for this house. Odd. This chandelier for example was purchased more than a decade ago – but without doubt belongs right here.

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My 2nd piece. Happy. Happy.

Thank you so much Art & Ronny.

Have been thinking like this…Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, Rainy Afternoon Day. Had A Bad Week Day. Had a Good Week Day. Like that.

On the left my hedgehog. 2nd piece is flowers.

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A Card from Lois


This too made me very happy. Lovely.

Thank you….

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What’s Next…

Oh it’s been a while. But we are back at it. Moving forward inch by inch.

This month the pantry will go in. Stay tuned for “after” pictures.

Another major piece complete. More kitchen boxes, the last of the kitchen boxes, can be unpacked.

The wall on which the pantry cupboard will go – from the hall.

The same wall – from the bathroom doorway.

Colour is wrong in this picture. Not grey. Grey green. Baffin Island –  like the kitchen. But I love that you can stand in this spot and peek into the yellow living room and the Valentine Tree and the kitchen desk and the front door beyond. I love the way it all links and flows. It is particularly attractive when all clean and tidy. Which, as you will note, it is not at the moment. To wit. Stuff hanging on the bannister. Cluttered desk. And so forth.

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My Birthday

No point in hiding the fact. It is what it is.

And this card. Well those of you who know me well…this says it all.

So…this year I would like to

work on improving my photography.

post more regularly on this blog.

finish our house:)

Inspired by my dear friends L & L…my OWN bracelet. Happy. Happy. Happy. That’s a hedgehog:)

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Island Home

This is a place of ferry rides. And pods of dolphins. Really. Jumping  dolphins.

A port of warm hearts.

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With friends…

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Four days. Give or take. Including a parade. A might fine parade.

There is not much finer than a red parasol.

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