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Because this is my blog…

Not related to the house. But I do love this picture. Taken by one of H’s friends. Now repeating my mantra.

You cannot frame every picture you love. You cannot frame every picture you love. You cannot…

I realized this after moving to the house on the Little Street. Yikes. I have 5463 pictures. (I exaggerate but only just) And half the wall space of the house at Ballycroy. So it is a bit of a struggle.

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I really must get back into documenting.

In the meantime however H stepped up yesterday and took  pictures. Bits and snips.

Please note – pumpkin has feet.

The Girl and her camera in the hall with the gingerbread tree.

Hall closet with those glass knobs…

The Girl and I.

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In previous years (2 of them) we have watched from the sidelines.

This year we were participating.

A very good time was had by all.

On the porch. I was thinking Poe. Or the Birds. Along those lines. A Murder of Crows.

And the long awaited, much discussed, car crash. 

Tim placed my old Prelude up against The Elm. Hood open. Skulls inside. Bloody hand through the window. Car crash music playing. It was a hit.

Don’t take your hands off the wheel!

Across the road from us there is a house of carvers. This year 100 pumpkins.

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