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Protected: Paris ~ At the Fair

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Protected: At Versailles

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More envy…

We heard from H this morning. She reports that her French is improving:) So lovely to hear her voice.

Yesterday they went for a water taxi ride on the Seine.

Likely past everyone’s favourite bridge. It is everyone’s favourite bridge right?

They went to the Bey Ashe Vey (BHV). To look at the kitchen department. Sigh.

They went to see where Marie Antoinette lost her head.

And then today they went here:

I would much rather have her pictures to post. Soon maybe.

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Just about right now my H with be visiting here. When she looks out her window at night she will see this in the distance. How unspeakably lovely it is.


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It goes like this. The windows on the second floor, the windows in the stairwell and the windows in the garage all need exterior window trim. And this has to go on before cedar shake or anything else. So the amazing Earl is building the trim and will be installing the trim.

We finally decided that he would prime the trimng  as the windows are primed and the painting (YIKES) would wait until the windows are painted.

Earl says he thinks that the top of the trim may not be quite heavy enough? We will be experimently with this later this week or early next.

I think maybe he is right?

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Protected: Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I have always wanted bookcases in the walls. And in this house I finally have them – several of them. This one is  in our bedroom. Later on there will be a second one in this room in an alcove that is just perfect for books. Yesterday I finished the painting – all but one second coat on the top shelf. Not being able to wait I put books on the shelves.

And the pictures are coloured as they are – well – because I like the feel of age. Some other time.

Oh = and they don’t actually shine as they appear to do in the picture. Which is good.

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Tim has been working on his garage. The second floor in particular. A place to hang out. A place to watch old movies. And new movies. We have already watched Rebecca and The African Queen. Imagine some chairs up here to watch the movie.

Tim has build a floor over the garage area where the car hoist lives. A loft like area. Right now the loft looks like this:

Tim changed the framing in the loft area to give headroom and we are going to leave it as a cathedral ceiling. The window sits too low and will be raised. And I will find someone to make a safety bar to go over the lower part of the window. (Just in case you were worried about this.) Also there will be a railing and stairs to go up.

Can you picture it yet?

I am thinking it might look a little something like this:

We are looking for beaten up flooring with wide planks for cheap. And then we will paint them. (I wasn’t thinking about reusing this picture when I saved it. Now I can’t remember where I got it. So if someone happens upon it here. I am so sorry. Please let me know I and I will put up proper credit.)

Or perhaps like this…

Can’t swing that window on the left. But it is lovely.

This time I remembered to take note. Picture from Maison Boheme (who quotes sources.)


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In December or thereabouts Earl White was still in the house installing trim and doors and building these.

Primed and painted. Paint is Cat’s Paw. And finally I was able to unpack some of the books. Not all of the books by a long shot. But some.

Pictures over the fireplace still in flux. Sleeping bag drying out on the floor. (really must improve on this)

I intend to devote myself to painting. A month of painting. See how far I can get.

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