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A couple of shots of the kitchen. Taken with H’s camera. I ache for my camera. It’s not the same you know – someone else’s camera. Not the same at all.

I am thinking Friday is the day I get my battery charger. That would make me very happy.

In the meantime here are a couple of shots of one piece of the finished kitchen.

Ahh. You might say. That’s not two kitchen shots. And you would be correct.  The picture on the right is a closeup of the inside of the china cabinet. Some of Oma’s silver sitting right next to some of mother’s silver. The birds are my own folly.

And two more…

The washed away part? The rain is still coming down. In buckets. It feels and looks like the house is an island.

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Small steps

Small kitchen sink is in and working.

One of two living room bookcases is completely finished – second one is ready for second coat.

Will go this week and pick up the hardware I still need for the kitchen cabinets in the hope that this too will soon be done.

The Little Street has its annual garage sale this Saturday which means things can go. YAY.

And I will buy my battery charger.

Here Father and Daughter have a discussion.

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Still waiting for the camera. This weekend.

Little bits are moving forward. Which always lifts my spirits.

Finally. After months and months of waiting. The parts came in for the kitchen light fixture. They has shipped the wrong shades and we were missing one connector piece. Now it is completely installed. Can’t show a proper picture because the counter is a disaster.

I am using the Little Girl’s Point and Shoot. And it took me a full day to figure out the flash. Pretty sad. The counters looking a little bit better.

There was much debate over the black. It does show every spot. Who cares? Not me. It looks wonderful. Or so I think.

Some painting on the bookcases done. Just not enough to finish. Two coats on most of one. I am thinking that if I put in a couple of evenings this week I will be able to unpack book boxes. Thinking that these guys will take 20 to 30 book boxes. I can’t wait.

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They would want this. It would be quite the job to get it down from the window sill and through the house to the place (there must be a place) where the floor boards are loose. But I think they would try.

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This past Monday the folks came from Latitudes and installed our black counter top. When all is said and done we will have two different colours – black quartz with the cream cabinets and Brazilian Brown silestone with the olive cabinets.

The black looks wonderful.Better pictures when my camera battery comes home.

For now here is a small peek of the area with the prep sink. Which I love. And which I likely wouldn’t have were it not for Kathy H. pointing out the distance from the main sink to the stove.

Have to get that new battery charger. Miss my camera so much.

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