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Be it resolved

That I will post more often. Which translated means I will actually get down to some of the work that needs to be done. Painting. To be precise. I have been picking away at the unpacking. Not fast enough. Then I will have progress to document and blog entries to make.

I still have pictures everywhere.

My mother’s Russian church in winter has found a home. This room will be full of pictures. Right up to the ceiling in places I am thinking. Which makes it imperative that we get the rest of the kitchen out of the window seat living room – as it is closing in on one just a bit.

I have discovered that the bathroom has no real place for pictures. And it was home to many in the old house. So I am thinking that this is what I need somewhere in that room. Painted the same colour as the walls. (I feel terrible not crediting this photo – I can’t remember where I found it.)

Shelves just wide enough to hold some pictures.
The backyard is still pretty much a wasteland. We have two very large walnut trees.  There are times where it is not safe to be out there without a hard-hat. Nevertheless this seems mighty fine to me. (Again with regret I don’t remember where I found it…Not good)

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Have ya missed me? She asks anxiously.

I’ll start with the complaints.

Have not got around to purchasing a replacement for my left behind camera battery. Using H’s Nikon. Which is fine. But doesn’t feel comfortable in my hands.

Oh the computer. So we have a temporary one. And the hard drive on the old one is safe. All good. But I am missing my photo processing software. This computer won’t support Picnik. So there is that too.


I am slowly unpacking boxes. Hope to be back to painting this weekend. The door to our back porch has hardware and opens! Should one find the time one could wander from the kitchen to the porch with a glass in hand.

I have been hanging pictures. We have hundreds of pictures. My mother was a painter. Both my parents collected art – and I love it all. And over the years I have collected some and wished for more. I am moving things around from room to room, leaning them against walls and waiting for the moment that I know. This tends to reduce but not eliminate picture hanging errors.

I have had it suggested to me that what one does with many pictures is rotate them. Surely you jest. Once they have found their proper home …

On the left – Quaker Meeting House. A gift from my father to my mother. Love the light coming through the window.

A self-portrait of my mother. One of her Russian churches. And the Tim tree.

Another Russian church waiting for its place.

A group just getting to know each other.

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Happy Easter

The PODS are gone. All the boxes in the house. I truly don’t recall owning quite this much stuff.

Perhaps this week we will have our computer up and running.

And other necessities.

Unpacking is, like packing, for the birds.

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