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The Little Girl entered the Chef contest on TVO Kids. And won. She will be on the show to receive her prize and such. Thrilled doesn’t even come close to capturing how she feels about this.

a nice fruit salad….


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For the past two days Tim has worked relentlessly painting doors and installing hardware.

We kept all the original doors from the house. They have been sanded and painted. Earl hung the doors. They close on a whisper. This I know is an art and a science.

I was persuaded that we should give the old hardware a try. Tim polished and scrubbed. The paint and tarnish came off. And now they are reinstalled and I love them.

And just in case you thought I had pulled up a lawn chair and was watching Tim work on these doors. I have been priming – relentlessly priming. And unpacking. The boxes are on display.

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Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Happy New Year!

Last year I wished and wished to be in for Tet. We’re home for Tet.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our Valentine Tree.

So versatile. Next it will be a Tet tree.

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Wainscoting 2/3

As part of my “one small piece at a time” project, I finished priming the largest stretch of hall wainscoting.

It is easier a small piece at a time. And by the end of the week I will have finished most of the remaining priming on the ground floor with the exception of the living room bookcase. TA DA.

The wainscoting will be the same colour as the walls – Farrow and Ball House White.

And I unpacked one of the large suitcases that spent the last year and half in the POD.

Not bad at all.

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Pieces of a house

The task of finishing off is overwhelming.  Way better than not being here. Much simpler than being in two places. But still overwhelming.

I primed the wainscoting in the front hall. Still to do:

  • two coats of house white on the wainscoting.
  • Prime and paint the balance of the trim which includes the  front door.
  • find old brown switch plate and receptacle cover. Which are usually seen in huge piles at flea markets and garage sales but which have eluded me just when I need them most.
  • find door handles for the front hall closet.
  • install those funny things from Lee Valley to hold the closet doors shut.
  • install some shelves on the side of the cupboard to hold this and that.
  • decide how to paint the trim around the stained glass window. It is the original brown. I tried trim colour. Awful. Have to keep some part of this dark. Decide what colour. Then paint it.
  • Wash floor.

Now here I describe just the front entry. Daunting when I think of the rest of the house. So I won’t think about the rest of the house for now. Just pieces.



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