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Earl White

All of the trim in the house has been installed by Earl. I do not believe there are many Earls left. And we consider ourselves lucky lucky lucky to have him working on our house.

He has also build all the built ins. The bookcases in the living room and the new mantle were completed on Friday. Paint. And they’re done.

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Protected: The Way We Were

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Piece by Piece

Yesterday Tim worked at the house all day. More electrical to the point that it is almost done. The 200 amp service is in. Not hooked up but in.

The Window Seat room got its first coat of paint. Hay.

I packed 10 or so boxes. Worked with the Girls. Completely cleaned out one room. Packing of boxes is about half way done. We won’t talk about the mold on the board games and how the packing process is somewhat slowed down by the cleaning process.

No pictures of the boxes.

On Friday Tim and Earl put up the chandelier in the hall.

We had dinner at the Little House again. This time with Nano and Davie. Another birthday dinner for the Little Girl. Table made of saw horses and plywood. It was wonderful.

Dear Olga and Paul took us in for dinner last night. So kind.

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Tim bought this light for me on Ebay. Got caught up in wildly crazy bidding.

It looks wonderful. And I love it.

I am totally in love with the shadows it casts.

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I do believe they were as tired as they looked.

The Bays came down for the weekend. Dana and Tim worked right through. This is the only time I saw them sitting down. Really.

I won’t get everything. I know I won’t. But the list ran to more than 20 items – some of which had multiple parts.

Install light fixture in pantry. Adjust light fixtures hanging too low and posing a hazard to those 5’7′ or taller. Install holding pattern Home Depot fixtures in all places without fixtures.

Lift 16 foot pieces of baseboard through upstairs window.

Install central vac plugs and fix drywall afterwards.

Finish installation of front and back door bells.

Bring washing machine into house and carry it upstairs. A feat which I understand nearly killed the both of them.

Do plumbing on fixtures in prep for fixture installation ie sinks, dishwasher etc etc.

Install cold air return vent covers.

Install upper shelves in three closets.

Fix things that needed fixing.

Rearrange things that needed rearranging.

Carry things that needed carrying.

And on and on and on.

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More lights up and the chandelier cleaned to go up in the hallway.

This light hung in our pantry in Ballycroy and now it hangs in the house on the Little Street.

This fixture hung in the dining room in Ballycroy. Bonny helped me clean all these crystals on Sunday morning. It is ready to go up in the stairwell.

There is a story behind this chandelier. Tim bought it for me on Ebay about 10 years ago. He lost the auction – dial up was pretty brutal for that sort of thing. But I mourned this light and I finally wrote to the person who bought it. He turned out to be an antique light dealer in New Orleans.  He sold us the fixture for cost plus cleaning, rewiring and shipping. I have kept his card in the hope that one day I will visit New Orleans and have a chance to properly say thank you.

Amd Oma’s stove. It is a Westinghouse. The only stove she ever had in her house. I swear she cleaned it every day. (Wish I could say the same). It works just as it did 50 odd years ago when it was new. I love this stove.

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Protected: Happy Birthday Little Girl

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Looking Forward

For the first time in a long time I find myself able to look forward. Not to say that this is not a hard time. You have no idea.  The monotany of it. And as I purchased boxes again I cringed just thinking about packing. There is some joy involved in packing up this place that has been our home for the past eighteen months – but still it is packing. And I hate packing.


I can actually project a bit. There is no doubt that I am truly looking forward to a rest in this place I love with people I love.

But more than that there is my list of things I have waited for:

1. Cooking meals with my Girls. And cookies. Cooking Beef Bourguignon from Julia Child’s cookbook with H.

2. Going through recipe books with the Little Girl who loves to cook too and loves good food as well.

3. Having movie night with Tim and our Girls. Waiting to see what their picks will be. Waiting to see The Last Waltz. This would be my first pick.

4. Playing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah while working in the kitchen and looking out to my garden. With my Girls sitting at the kitchen table.

4(a) Same as 4. But this time I am listening to Stan Rogers.

5. Going for walks with Tim and the Girls and the Dog.

6. Having all my favourite people over for dinner. One at a time. All at once.

7. Sitting on the back porch with a cup of coffee and my girls. First one and then the other. Then all at once.

8. Sitting on the back porch with dear friend and a glass of wine.

9. Watching the walnuts drop.

10. Watching Tim walk out to the garage he loves so much. (By now it will have doors).

11. Sitting in the window seat reading.

11. Pickling beets bought in a bushel at the Farmer’s Market.

12. Taking a photography course. Or two.

13. Spending three hours at a stretch turning photographs into books.

14. Hearing the key turn in the latch and hearing one of my dear loves come in the door.

15. Hearing the doorbell ring and answering the door to see a dear friend. Coming over for that glass of wine.

16. Talking about books and films and all manner of things and not talking about houses.

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I am fond of hallways. Underappreciated that they are.

I am very happy with the wainscoting – I can’t wait to see it painted.

Try to imagine that the tools are not there. The dust is gone. Okay – now look.

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Passing the Time

Perhaps I may have mentioned that my hands down favourite design blog is A Bloomsbury Life. I love her house. I have always had a weakness for that Bloomsbury crowd. Plus I have a life long weakness for grand hotels – small ones and bigger ones.

Metropole – Hanoi

The Oriental – Bangkok

And another plus she has written, more than once, about Dirk Bogarde. I have always loved Dirk Bogarde, My mother had all his books and passed them on to me and I devoured them. Pure joy.

She is currently writing about her Christmas trip to London and Marrakech. Sigh. And the Gore Hotel in London. Bestill my heart.


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