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Tick Tock

Doesn’t bear thinking about that we have 30 odd days to finish up. While no doubt it will be keeping me up at night I have resolved not to dwell on this while awake.

Amazing Trim Guy, Earl, came back yesterday and began work on the upstairs trim.

Tim painted the big window in the kitchen – first coat. He is off this morning to try to paint the second coat before the lower cabinets of the kitchen arrive.

I painted the first coat on all the doorway opening (Okay almost all) on the main floor.

Did you catch that about the kitchen? We think the lower cabinets may come today. PHEW. This means we can finalize countertop and get templates made next week.

I do love the kitchen. These lights in the foreground will be above our old kitchen table. The lights hanging over the window are very modern and do not fit at all with the balance of the lighting in the kitchen and I just love them:)

These lights hang above the stove area. The clock is Tim’s garage clock. I have to learn to stop calling it the barn.

Tim painting the big window.

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Little Foot

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More lights are going up.  We brought the hall light with us from Ballycroy.

And trim…

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Yesterday Tim spent a good part of the day finishing the priming and first coat on the remaining door and window trim. Which will save an enormous amount of painting time.

More sconces. These went in the downstairs bathroom on Christmas Day. And yesterday I started sorting boxes from Pod # 1 and found many of the light fixtures we brought from Ballycroy. I am thinking they may go up today.

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And to all a good night…

We arrived home on Christmas Eve to spend our first night in the Little House. As we were driving in the Girl observed that there were Christmas lights on our porch. In response came a chorus of not possible, no lights, must be on the house next door, can’t be, definitive NO LIGHTS ON THE HOUSE.

Listen to your children.

The Girl was right.

The Harris family had come by on Christmas Eve and installed these lights and snow flakes on our porch.

So beautiful.

Tim spruced up the living room. The Oma’s furniture was dusted down and brought in from the garage. It was grand. Just grand.

The stockings were hung.

We didn’t want to leave.

Merry Merry Christmas.

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All that’s old is new again

18 months is a long time and I wonder how much I have forgotten.

One of the benefits of this is that one rediscovers some lost bits.

Robert Louis Stevenson ~ A Child’s Garden of Verses.  Everyone should own a copy. I think. With illustrations by various including Jessie Wilcox Smith. I had forgotten this picture – always one of my favorites. Now I wonder whether forgotten, this much loved image resided in my brain and seeped out in our window seat.

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More light fixtures went up yesterday.

This is my mother’s chandelier. My recollection is that she bought it in the early 1950s in a Paris fleamarket. It was old then and is older now. It always hung in my mother’s house and has hung in ours for the past thirteen years.

I had it rewired recently and discovered to my horror that the sockets were original – made of wood. Yikes. (They have been replaced)

I am thinking it is my favorite light. Always has been.

The Little Girl has a chandelier too. This picture really doesn’t do it justice.

This light can only be described as a folly. I accept that.

The Girl has not chosen her lights. Her room has both grey and blue green. Nice.

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On Friday the trim began to go up. The door and window casing. Which are lovely and virtually identical to that which came down.

Master Painter Guy priming the trim. Otherwise known as Ken.

Also on Friday the trim went up in the window seat room. Yesterday I primed the trim in this room and the window seat.

I am very fond of the window seat.

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Sometimes it is heartening to see how far one has come.

Not that long ago.

 Not that long ago.

And now.

Not that long ago.


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