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Having lived in a very old house (think 18 something) for many years it would appear that some nods at modern/better/newer/improved have passed me by. Oh I knew they were out there. I do have eyes in my head ya know. But I thought they might be a passing fad. Or an affectation of sorts. Something that would go away in its own good time. Like kitchen islands.

Have you heard me on the subject of kitchen islands. I imagine a number of years from now large number  of kitchen islands floating homeless. 

Back to the point.

Decora. Light switches. Receptacles.


I do not bend easily to changes in fashion.


Actually truth be told I don’t like them. They are too square. Too rectangular. Too modern. Too in your face. (I do like those dimmers though)

But I was shocked I tell you to learn that it is way not so easy to come by the old ones. Toggle switches. Those lovely weird shaped receptacles in dark colours.

Remember these guys?


And these. Do you remember these?


And how to juggle the two. So I can have my dimmers.

Now you know the truth. I’m a bit odd. I prefer toggles. And I like receptacles to look the way they always have.

Now you know.

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Although not recorded here progress is being made. It has just been a rough week or so with this and that and the other thing.

The drywall is done. All three floors. The upstairs is primed and the main floor will be primed today.


This past weekend Tim primed. STarted with the kitchen just because. Here he is in one of the upstairs closets.

Better news. Much better news is that Ken N. is now painting.


Ken is Gary N’s brother. I am so happy he is in on this. Truly. The tasks were mounting at a rate that was quite scary and this painting piece takes a huge chunk off the table.

The crown moulding is up downstairs and in the hallway up and down and two bedrooms. In case you happen upon plaster moulding and decide that this is a grand idea …. It looks wonderful. It looks like plaster moulding. It looks old. YAY. But the skill and time to put it up. Yikes. It is a dying art. Really truly a sad fact. (pictures will be up soon)

The last week has been consumed with those detail bits.

The tile was all ordered from Weston Tile. It’s going in. Pictures to follow shortly.

Floor installation has been set. Hardwood will arrive next Wednesday.


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Honestly. It is fair to say that there is no doubt that if I had known when we started what was involved I would have passed. Just kept walking past that open window. There is no doubt in my mind.

Thank God I didn’t know. I am incredibly grateful I didn’t know.

Because I love my house. I love the Little Street. All of it.  And these days when I pull my car in I really don’t want to leave. I just want to sit outside in my car while it gets finished. Not kidding on this. I find it difficult to drive away.

Walls are almost done. Likely by Tuesday or Wednesday. Then Tim and I have some primer painting to do and then Railing Guy can come in to work his magic. Immediately after this floors, beautiful, wonderful floors. I can’t wait.


Every morning I will see this on my way downstairs for coffee.

Looking to the west.


While this may seem a bit odd – my favorite spots in the house are the hallways:)


Looking to the East.

And the back stairs. Concrete until the Spring when they will be covered in flagstone.


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So as I have said the concrete was poured today for the back steps.

And Dry Wall Guys kept on rolling through the house.

Roofing guys came back and did some repair work around the chimney and finished up the roof on the west side where we had adjusted the roof line. They also finished up around the vents.

It was determined yesterday that the basement fireplace vent can’t go where we wanted it to go. So it has to be moved. Amazing Brick Guys repaired the hole and Guy who Drills Holes in Walls will have to come back and drill another one.

Apparently there is a bit more wire to run in the basement. C’est la vie.

I am working on arranging for Railing Guy to come in. Fingers and toes crossed as I really messed this one up. I thought, God only knows why, that floors go in first followed by Railing Guy. Apparently. This is not correct.

Tomorrow Floor Guy will come and remeasure just to make sure. Our floors are sitting in a warehouse. Hickory. Just waiting for the moment when I can say they can come.

Kitchen Guy is coming tomorrow to measure up again and to look at a few small oddities caused by the duct work framing.

And a Tile Guy is coming tomorrow to give a quote. Still working on the tile guy piece.

In between this and that I am picking up ten gallons of very nice primer. That’s PRIMER! See above re Railing Guy. He doesn’t like to put in railings until the area around the stairs has been completely primed.

Then Sunday Amazing Trim Guy is coming again to check all the oddities that have been revealed as a result of the installation of the dry wall. Funny what you don’t really notice until you have walls.

It’s busy.

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Amazing Brick Guys finished up the brick work today and the back stairs to the porch were poured. They will be back in the Spring to put in the flagstone on the porch and stairs and to parge the foundation walls. It can wait for Spring.

I’m going to miss them though.

Maybe I need a wall built ..or something.


Amazing Dry Wall Guys are on Day 8 or so and still going. Closing in on finishing. Lots of muding, sanding to go. They have done a fabulous job. Pictures of Amazing Dry Wall Guys to follow.

For now some rooms:


The Little Girl’s room. On the far right a built in bookcase and then the door to the walk in closet. (Note. I have never ever had a walk in closet. Not once.)


The Girl’s room. Around the corner on the left is the area where she will put a desk. And beside this her walk in closet.


Our bedroom. No walk in closets. But we both get a closet. Amazing.


Our bedroom from another angle. The area in the corner will be a built in bookcase and cupboard.

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And a year and a half later…



And speaking of giving thanks. Because of all the work at the Brick Bee we were able to brick the kitchen extension in the original house brick. And it almost looks like it has always been there.


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Thanksgiving 2009



It has not been an easy year. Enough said about that.

There are many reasons to give thanks.

For The Girl and the Little Girl and for Tim.

For friends and family who have taken us in and fed us and celebrated with us and have lent a helping hand.

Many many reasons to give thanks.

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A year and let’s not count how many months ago we were in our house for the first time. And I took pictures so that when the time came we could look back.

The Little House on or about May 2008.


As it was then – the back of the house.


The living room.


The original hallway. Door straight ahead led to the pantry and then on to the kitchen. Door to the right to the two bedrooms at the back of the house on the main floor.


The dining room. Now a second living room and an occasional dining room. The window in the centre is now the window seat area.


The entry way where the stained glass window now resides.


Standing in the front hall looking through the french doors back to the bedrooms.

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Another day of much going on.

Yesterday Amazing Brick Guys finished up the brick work on the kitchen extension. It looks fabulous I think. Picture, taken in the dark, does not do it justice.


All day long Dry Wall Guys worked. The house is absolutely clearly taking shape.


The window seat.


The kitchen again. Just because I like it so much.


The Girl’s bedroom – still under construction.


Upstairs hallway as seen from the stairs. It will I am confident look sooo much better with railngs.


Back hall as seen from basement stairs.

All good.

Have to get some heat (not from the furnace) in the house tomorrow so the taping can happen.

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