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On September 30, 2008 I posted that I had abandoned hope that we would be in the Little House for Christmas. I shifted the bar to Tet.


This year I have not given up on Christmas, am not giving up Christmas, will not give up on Christmas. It is inconceivable to even think such a thing. I feel time nipping at my heels.

I will remind myself to save my courage for greater adversity.

  • With the help of a friend found Vapour Barrier Guy yesterday. Thank you Denton.  While the VB is 1/2 done we need all done by Tuesday. Fingers crossed that this works out.
  • The devil truly is in the details. Before dry wall can commence Tim has half a dozen small jobs to do that need completing before Dry Wall Guys arrive – framing under the stairs, fixing the fan in the downstairs bathroom, reframing the front hall closet to fit the wonderful closet doors I picked up at the Restore. Like that.
  • Dry wall will arrive on Tuesday morning and Dry Wall Guys will start. I think I will cry. It is a milestone of sorts.
  • I will commence fretting about the hardwood delivery. When we thought we would be ready for wood on the summer turn around on wood was a week. Now is 4 to 6 weeks. Two weeks have passed. Fingers crossed. It could work right?
  • Got to finish those kitchen colours.


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    I stopped by the Little House tonight on my way home from the store where I had been purchasing last minute provisioning for The Girl’s camping trip.

    Tim is working away. Again. There is so much of him in this house. The house that Tim built.

    We tried today to get someone on short notice to work on the vapour barrier. No luck so far.

    The house looks so lovely at night. Especially in the fall. The windows are so bright and warm. I want so very much to walk in the front door and stay. (And with the insulation in it is positively toasty inside.) I am going to have to try to capture a photo of the house at night. Not without a tripod though.

    And I dream about sitting at my computer listing items for sale on Ebay. For if I have lived without it for a year how badly do I really need it? Whatever it is. I am betting I have a few “its” I can sell.

    Then I will buy the Canon D5. And play dueling cameras with my daughter and my friend Lois and and and…

    And this lens. I think I need to have this lens.


    Nice huh?

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    Protected: And The Girl Chips In

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    Lots of goings on this weekend.

    Dana, who doesn’t like having his picture taken much, and Tim worked all day Saturday and got the lion’s share of that nasty pink stuff into the walls.


    There was also a lot of grey green  stuff.


    They worked all day Saturday and into the evening and got in almost 98% of the install of this stuff. Below is Dana at work.



    That was Saturday.

    It continued on Sunday. Dana was back in the morning. And Dan was there all day and the vapour barrier process started. Dan and Tim worked all freakin day.


    Hang, staple, caulk, tape, tape, tape, tape.

    Hang, staple,  caulk, tape. tape, tape, tape.

    I honestly did not know how time consuming hanging this stuff was. Really didn’t. But no question that to do it right just takes time. Because these is a LOT of taping.

    I do not know how we will ever properly say thank you. I really don’t.


    Miles of tape.

    By the close of day on Sunday most of the main floor was finished. On to the second floor.

    On my look no further than a week ahead policy my hope is that the vapour barrier is finished and the insulation inspection is completed this week. That’s what I’m hoping for.

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    You may recall some months ago someone made off with our basement windows.

    Kinda knocks the stuffing out of one.

    Today the basement windows went in. Brian came over. You may recall Brian from the Brick Bee. (Brian is Dan’s brother)

    They are some nice I tell you.


    Brian doing the install:


    Not as easy as it might look.

    Inside looking out.


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    3rd time lucky.

    3’s a charm

    I have always liked three. Two not so much. Three chairs. Three stems of flowers.

    3 is better.

    On the 3rd visit we PASSED our electrical inspection. Thank you Mr. Inspector. Weird how one can feel so pathetically grateful that one almost forgets how much one was dying to send him to the bottom of a deep deep hole. Almost. Not quite. Some therapy required.

    The bad news is that he gets to come back once everything is hooked up.

    The good news is we can insulate.



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    There are days when I think I have spent the past year with my head in the sand. Really.

    I am the only one who hadn’t seen this yet?


    Image courtesy of Chris Perrett, naturesart – as seen on The Prince’s Rainforest Project.


    You can sign the petition. Better still you can make a video, with a very handsome frog, and upload the video to the site.

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    I have no pictures of this. Because honestly I couldn’t watch. And the title is a bit of a misnomer. Should read the tree, the truck and the winch.

    It goes like this. There is a trailer in our backyard at the Little House. And on that trailer is a hoist for Tim’s garage. You truly don’t want to think about the size and weight of this thing. Yesterday Tim announced that he was going to take the hoist off the trailer. Because it was needed to get the back hoe. That would dig the hole. Where the stairs to the back porch would be built. Following?

    You are not going to try and move this yourself?



    It involves a tree, a truck and a winch.

    Truly. I couldn’t watch. Although I did stop by at the Little House when I thought it might be over (I was almost right) just to make sure no one was under the hoist.

    All is well. It came off. With a tree (not the Elm), a truck and a winch.

    Yesterday was a day in which nothing happened. I hate that.

    • called Floor Guy who wasn’t available.
    • Inspector didn’t come.
    • No back hoe yet so no holes dug or stairs built.
    • No phone call re stair railings.


    I want my stuff back. Out of the POD. And my house.


    My pantry from the house at Ballycroy. Painted floors. I love painted floors. Haven’t factored any of those in. Am wondering if that is a mistake?

    The corner sink had to stay. I loved that sink. I hope they have kept it. I found it at a garage sale.

    My mother’s peonies. Some of which appear to have survived. Not happy. But alive. If they make through the winter I will move them to a sunny spot.


    What we used to call the back room. I can spot any number of things I am dying to get my hands on. In the POD.

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    After Maggie Muggins

    Way back when. In my childhood. My mother read to me. When I was very very small she read the Maggie Muggins series. Written by Mary Grannan in the 1940s and 1950s. About Maggie and her adventures with Mr. McGarrity. And Maggie used to say, if memory serves, “I wonder what will happen tomorrow!”.

    I have a few of these books still. In the POD of course. This picture is from reinap’s photostream on Flickr. Here:



    Me too. I wonder. This is what I think might happen this week.

    • A second electrical inspection. Tim worked this weekend to fix the issues raised by the inspector. Went overboard and did more. The hope is that this inspection happens tomorrow.     NOT. Wednesday. Could be worse. Could be next Wednesday,
    • That a bob cat arrives, today perhaps, and the foundation is dug for the back stairs off the porch. The foundation poured and then the stairs built. They will be covered in flagstone.
    • That the Brick Angels come back. They will install the brick on the kitchen extension, repair the brick in the area of the gas meter and, with fortune smiling on us, install flagstone on the back porches and the stairs. This will conclude the brick and stone work for now.
    • If all goes well with the electrical inspection then likely Tim will start insulating this week. If there can be an insulation party this weekend very likely it will  get finished up. Which means dry wall could start early next week.

     Just saying. It could.

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