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From time to time I really want to put a few pictures of the girls up here. The ones in the post below are of our H’s graduation. But given that this is a public blog, accessible not only to those we know or know of, but anyone and everyone with an Internet connection, I am reluctant to post pictures of the girls. So as a compromise occasionally I will password protect a post.

Please let me know by email or in the comment section if you would like the password. I’ll send it along.


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Protected: The Girl

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I spent two hours at the Little House this morning with Tim. Reviewing and revising the layout of the duct work. It is better now. Not perfect. But better.

Also sketched a layout for the laundry room.

Here is the Wisteria that Tim saved. Maybe one day it will bloom. Maybe next Spring.


We are keeping the porch light fixture. Taking it down. Cleaning off the rust. Repainting. And putting back up. I could be wrong but my guess is that it is likely original to the house.


Living room furniture as of June, 2009. It willl get better.


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To be fair, I believed, as I was loading pictures of the market on this blog last summer that by the time the produce started rolling in again… Well I believed I would be bringing bags home to the Little House. Visions of strawberry jam. As they sell flats of amazing small berries. Pickled beets. (For those who know me well I acknowledge that making jam and pickling beets is not something I regularly engage in. But even so. I WOULD. I REALLY WOULD. The beets anyway.) I am not however pickling anything in the Wee House.

The colours are beautiful ~ golden beets.IMG_2096


There is much joy in this. The colours.


And there is absolutely nothing wrong with garden variety beets.



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There are ups




Duct Guy came on Wednesday. Duct Guy told Tim what Tim already suspected which is that drawing done by HVAC guy are just a bit inaccurate. As in last time anyone checked carving through 12 inch beams to run ducts was not on the recommended reno list. As in the drawing are a nice picture of what might be possible in some house some where. Unfortunately, sadly, regretfully they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR HOUSE. This resulted in myself losing a gasket becoming a leetle bit upset. 

I am taking a poll. Do people really not care about ugly, unsightly duct work covered by (EEK) bulkheads? You see I think they do care. I certainly care. I hate bulkheads. Hate them. Hope I am being clear on this. And had we not been specifically told that this was a NOT an issue, I would have gotten way worked up about this some time ago. And would have attempted to address it in a timely fashion. Now we are in a crunch. Some bulkheads I am going to have to suck up. And we had to delay the installation of the ducts and then as a result we had to reschedule the plumber to time unspecified. Like that.

I am told this happens ALL the time. My question is why it happens all the time. And when is someone going to make them stop.

It is almost as if they all know that there are many people who will go ballistic over this stuff so they duck and dodge and then when the rubber hits the road they’re long gone. As in not my problem. I am so not impressed.

If I wasn’t so tired and discouraged I might find this amusing. As it is – not so much.

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Picnik collage

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Something like this..

A road block. An obstacle.


Okay. I’m kidding. I exaggerate. It would be fair to say more like this..


Duct Guy can’t start on Tuesday. Duct guy is coming tomorrow to meet with Tim. Which means that Ducts may or may not start this week. Which means that Plumbing Guy may or may not have to be rescheduled.

I KNEW I should not have written this down:)

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