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What happened?

What cautious optimism gets you. Or the cautionary tale of how it is hazardous to believe that the glass is always or usually or even predominantly half full.

For a number of years we have travelled every winter to the same spot in Cuba with a number of friends. Lots of children. In September, after receiving approval from the Committee of Adjustment, I thought to myself  – “It’s early September – we can do this. By the end of March we’ll be DONE.


So some people looked at us sideways. To be honest quite a few people looked at us sideways. “You’re working on your house. You CAN’T GO AWAY!” Actually the comments may have been a tad blunter than this. You, dear Reader, may have written to me and asked, “Have you LOST your mind?”

And I would have been compelled to answer in the affirmative. I would have had to explain that over the course of 7 months in the itsy bitsy bungalow I have (together with the others members of the family) gone slightly bonkers. Eccentric might be a nicer way of putting it. But I will leave this in your hands.

So off we went. More on this later.

In the meantime ~ the important stuff.

Phil and Nijole took the photographs for us. Unless otherwise noted the photographs that follow are theirs. We are in their debt. In the nicest possible way. Thank you both.

This picture shows the framing of the kitchen bump out at the back of the house. I am delighted with this. And especially with the fact that with these windows one can, as has always been, see “right through the house”.

There will be a small porch on the west side of the bump out. In the top left of the picture you can see the east wall of the second floor – which is to remain intact.


The framing of Tim’s garage. Tim loves his garage. I concede is is pretty darn nice.


View of the framing of the main floor taken standing in the kitchen area looking towards the street. The kitchen is now at the back of the house rather than the west side. The large area in the centre is a six foot wide hallway that runs down the centre of the house to the stairwell on the west side (the bump out on the west side is part of the stairwell.)


A view of the kitchen and the interior of the kitchen bump out taken from the centre hallway.


Another view of the kitchen. Looking towards the east side. 


View of the interior of the kitchen looking toward the west. This doorway will lead to the porch on the  west side of the kitchen bump out.


Standing in kitchen looking towards the centre hall and the front of the house.


The hall leading to the stairwell. One of my favorite parts of the new parts of the wee house.


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I took this picture about two years ago. Our H was 11 at the time. I recall thinking as I looked at this picture that I was getting a peek at her 18 year old self:).

This was a straight out of the camera crop. I crop many if not most of my pictures. So this one, from my early days of digital, was somewhat unusual. Accidently on purpose getting what I wanted with the angle I wanted:)

The photos this week are again – amazing. And it is really interesting to see what folks are doing with their crops. Head on over to look ~ or enter…

I Heart Faces


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Going from a BIG house to a Little house has its challenges. To wit. Where am I going to hang paintings, photographs and such. Quite a few of these.  One answer is, of course, to rotate them. Only I am really not the sort to ever get around to this. In the BIG house wall space was virtually unlimited. Not so in the little house. Not with all those windows. And while I am opposed to too much of anything I have concluded that there is nothing wrong with using hmmm say two walls and covering them. Maybe not the living room proper ~ maybe the living/diningroom area.

Like this :


The other thing I worry about is books. Where will all the books go? We won’t discuss how many books. Now with much relief I can say that some can go in the basement. But I had also concluded that we would put a bookcase in our bedroom ~ recessed into the wall.  Please ignore the chaise and all the rest ~ just the bookcase.


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Credit where credit is due. About three months ago, as I was moaning about where I was going to get a kitchen that we could afford, my good friend Ellen said, “Have you been to the ReStore?” Nope I hadn’t. Since then I have made a number of significant scores. Including my 700 feet of plaster crown moulding. Now to top that  ~ a set of upper cabinets.  Fitted.  Exactly the right size for the pantry. In a pale yellow shade (which doesn’t show in the picture) that is not flowery at all. It will fit either the pantry or the kitchen. It is a perfect piece. Just perfect. With the undercounter bits common to the arts and crafts era. Over the moon I am. And if it were not for Ellen, the lovely Mom to lovely A below, I likely would never have figured this out.

The pictures don’t do the piece justice. They really don’t. Taken at night with a flash. As the cabinet was sitting in the back of Tim’s truck. Not the best of circumstances.



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Apology to Al below. Jeez.

Still winter. But bright sunny winter light…creeping toward Spring.dsc_1027

The light strikes the windows – like mirrors. The tarped up hole in the wall is an extra basement window we decided to put in – more light.


Ejaz in the back hoe…


Ejaz and Peter and Walter and Dave…. Not Dave. Al. Very embarrassing. I am going to hang my head somewhere. Back tomorrow.





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I Love Faces ~ Messy

My two, 13 and 8, went through the truly truly messy phase before digital – or at least before I moved over to digital.

This photo is of beautiful beautiful A.  The youngest daughter of a dear friend. It was taken on   summer day almost two years ago. I love the wee face and the concentration and the wisps of hair:)

To see a host of beautiful messy faces click on the button and head over to I Love Faces.



I Heart Faces

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