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Yesterday the blocks were finished for the kitchen extension ~ the building progressed as the temperature did one of those flash freeze things. Dropping from 6 ish to minus 10 in a couple of hours. Ouch.

Back wall of kitchen extension.


Top of the basement wall. With Peter.


Coffee time. Billy and John.



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Today the garage block was finished. It is a thing of beauty. So says Tim.


And work began in earnest on the kitchen extension. This is Peter. It would appear that Peter is not keen on having his picture taken. Apparently he wasn’t told that it was part of the job.


A bit difficult to imagine. But still. A beginning.


And this would be the vent for the coldroom. My mother had a cold room. In which she stored beets and jam …and wine. The days before wine fridges and such. Next summer we will go to the market and load up on beets and then I will persuade the girls to help me pickle them. Then I’ll put them in the cold cellar. Like that.


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All day today more blocks went up. These pictures were taken early this morning just as they were starting. By the end of the day, when I was not there with my camera. the garage was almost done.



 This is Billy…


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When you have NO pipes the City turns your water off. As in OFF. As in not like a tap.

Apparently this is wise as water with no pipes is NOT a good idea.

Apparently. One needs water to mix mortar. Which one need to lay block (see below).

Here is where the Ode comes in. Pauline and Margaret have water. And allowed us to hook up a hose to their house. To get the water to mix the mortar to lay the blocks that built the wee house that we will EVENTUALLY live in.

In some place there are people that you live next door to. In some places there are people who share air and space.

In other places there are neighbours. As in Neighbours. And this is what the Little Street has…

In lieu of a picture of Pauline and Margaret…which I don’t have handy here is a picture of Tim. Calling me. About the WATER. But I was there already. Taking this picture. HA.


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Today block was put down. Three rows in the garage foundation. As in building. As in going UP. Not too shabby.


And before moving on. Here is the footing(s) for the kitchen extension.  I was reasonably impressed.



More block tomorrow ..and maybe Wednesday.


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I Love Faces ~ B&W ~ Adult

This is my first entry of an adult face. I do tend to focus my camera on children – both my own and those of friends. This day was an exception. I took this photo of our Oma (in the foreground) and her cousin at a family reunion two years ago. Our Oma was 98 and her cousin was in her late 80s at the time photo was taken.  They had not seen each other in many years. I love the lines and the quiet pleasure on their faces.


If you have not visited yet take a few minutes to go over. Click the button. The photographs are amazing.

I Heart Faces

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Honest. The quality of the entries just seems to get higher and higher. I have gone through just a sampling of photographs for this week at this point and have seen some truly beautiful shots.

Take a moment to go over and have a look.

I Heart Faces

My entry for this week is from this past summer. Our youngest in the park on a beautiful summer day. I have always liked black and white. Before the world of digital I used black and white a lot ~ particularly for portraits.


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