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Dickens et al

Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.
Mary McCarthy
Dear Mr. Permit Man:
Two months since we applied for our permit. Give or take. There are rules and guidelines about the length of time it should take to review applications such as ours. We are so removed from this point as to make such promises seem just a tad ridiculous.
Every time we are told we are close to complete other issues are raised. The reference to Dickens is right where I am at the moment. Answering the SAME question twice is excessive. Three times is absurd.
I was raised to have great respect for the public service. As a result I am always courteous and respectful in my dealing with members of the public service – even when angry and frustrated.  In the past week I have experienced the worst side of this world. Firmness I can deal with. Straightforward and direct I can deal with. Rude, intolerant and presumptuous I cannot abide.
The problem is, it would appear, not us. Ya think? The problem  is , apparently, folks  who get permits and then do exactly what they are not permitted to do.  Maybe someone should be checkin on the law breaking, rule bending contractors?  Silly me. JJust an idea. So having had nasty experiences with the law flouting public, or so we are led to understand, we are all happily tared with the same brush and treated with the same contempt that might reasonably be applied to someone who treats the law and its rule with contempt.
Kafka banged the nail on the head.
Dickens got it right.
And God bless Mary McCarthy.
Just let me fix my wee house.
Respectfully yours,

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy……

Maybe a bit of happy news. Maybe dear friends fly in and are here in the City over Christmas.

Would be a reason to give thanks.



Joy is in the eye of the beholder…

For Susan……


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The wee house has no laundry. In July this didm’t seem like much of an issue. Although there was never any question about the laudromat issue.  I did laudromats. All through University and beyond. Never again. So every week I truck out bags of laundry to the corner (literally). A day later they are back, washed, bleached beyond recognition and folded.


Busy and Tired. Yup that would be just about it.

Mind you. Truth we told. I’d rather have this. Even if I do have to fold the clothes forever again.


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My Weston







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On September 4, 2008 we received our variances. It is now November 14, 2008 and we are STILL waiting for our building permit.

Some of the delays are no doubt on our side. But a whole pack of the days can be ticked up to the CIty. And if all made sense to me and if it was for a purpose and for the greater good of someone ~ well I would be just fine with this. But as far as I can tell this is purely a function of it not being a matter of great substance to anyone but us.

We thought that perhaps this was the week. But it appears the decision maker is away. AGAIN. So not this week. And my patience is rapidly shrinking down to ZIP.


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Which would you pick? Okay,  I don’t mean actually. As in forget colour and hardware and all the bings and baubles. We talkin only shape here. I need a small vanity (where did that moniker come from anyway?) in the sliver of rather small bathroom on the main floor. Assuming, and I really am trying not to do that, that the scale is accurate we are talking just over four feet wide. As in one person at a time. Well – only as it should be really. It is a bathroom. So whatever I do it must be narrowed considerably. From what might be its normal proportions.

And Gary if you’re looking – it is going to be painted. That’s just the nasty kind of paint brush wielding, primer loving kinda gal I am. Sorry.

Choice No 1



Choice No. 2




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My Weston












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Two weeks away. So I did some browsing for photographs of the Weston Santa Claus Parade. And found these.

Fabulous Santa. Lion Dancers at the Santa Claus Parade.  In Weston. Wow.








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Doll House

No permit.

Maybe next week.

Ya think our furniture would fit?





Even has trees.



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