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My Weston *

* Disclaimer ~ I tender my profound apologies. As a interloper and a johnny come lately  newcomer,  I have taken great liberties by selecting this title for this series of posts.

I wasn’t born here, was only just recently dropped here and have no roots here. (Well this is not entirely true – my grandfather played the organ at the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd.) But there are so many corners of this place in which I see pictures and which I truly love, the title seemed just right.

So now that the Market is almost done for the year…my plan is to take pictures of the corners and pieces of Weston that capture my eye. To bookend my weeks. And to keep me from going mad with the waiting.

Stone Walls



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Not this week….

Let’s be frank. This is getting tedious. Not this week. Apparently there are questions. Uh huh. Yup. This is all normal. So I understand.

It is terribly hard to do important and necessary things – like work on kitchen designs – when one is stuck in a holding pattern over …hmmm

So I am not going there. I am going here.

This is what I’m going to think on… Every year for the past quite a number of years. It is somewhat embarrassing actually to say exactly how many. As it might be taken by some as displaying a woeful lack of imagination in the selection of travel destinations. But there you go. Every year for the past many year we have travelled with hmmm say 25 dear friends and companions to stay in these.

And to gaze at this..



So this is what I am going to think about for now.

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Rambling Notes

You may recall (way back when) sad reference to the fact that I did not have the foresight to IMAGINE FOR A SINGLE INSTANT that we would not be in the house by Christmas. So all our Christmas decorations. All of them.  Including my collection of elves. Every last one of them. Are in the POD.


So that means we have to improvise.  Sort of.  Like this guy.

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Halloween Week

Oh how I wish we were in our wee house. I am thinking about all the appalling halloween decorating we could arrange.  One of Tim’s old cars in the side yard with a skeleton in the driver’s seat – or worse.

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Tim removes old flooring. A tedious undertaking.


The original backdoor.  We will now have two backdoors. So this one is moving – to be the man door in the gargage.  Man door? How did that slip by?


Tiles. So complicated.  We have kinda sorta almost decided to keep the upstairs tub. It is cast iron. Serious cast iron. I wish it was white but it isn’t and so my first thought was BEGONE.  But it is cast iron and it is in good shape and so now we’re trying to see if we can make it work. But there go my black and white octagonal tiles. (well maybe not). So I am looking at these. Trouble is the light is awful non-existent in the house at the moment. And a mistake of this magnitude just doesn’t bear thinking about.

I just may have to put those black and white octagonal tiles downstairs. Which means rethinking the downstairs completely. So all in all maybe it’s a good thing I have had all this time to brood think about this.

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Holding on…just barely


It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain cheerful.  Resolutely cheerful. Optimistic. All of that good stuff. Not for the faint of heart.


October has – thus far – felt like waiting.  Pure waiting. Be it resolved that I need to find a creative way out of the mindset that ticks days off the calendar.

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Let it Be…


Our election is over.  I was really hoping, unrealistically so, that my response was not going to have to be ~ Thank God ~ it could have been worse.

I am a child of the sixties ~ so this resonates with me.  Just can’t help it. Turning my eyes south.

 Let it be.

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Our H is 13.  This is of course her mother talking 🙂 But my sense is she is developing a very fine eye.

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Hampered I am by the fact that I am not comfortable putting photos of the children on a public site without password protection…ah well.


Children’s picnic…


Grownups drink pear cider…


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