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A new goal ~ in by Tet

I have accepted, albeit reluctantly, very reluctantly, that there is virually no chance that we will be in by Christmas.

So I have shifted my dream horizon. I want to be in by Tet. I want to celebrate Tet, as we have for the past number of years, in our house. I do. I do.

Tet begins this year on January 26, 2009.

It is the Year of the Water Buffalo.






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Found today tucked away under the rafters… which Tim worked on uncovering today,


A mailing tube (sadly empty) addressed to Raymond H. Collinge, Architect. Collinge designed and built the house on Queens Drive.

mailed for 4 cents…

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In the Walls ~ Masons

The most recent finding ~ in the walls. Very likely deliberately tucked away and then forgotten. A very long time ago.



Tucked into the book we found five handwritten pages ~ in beautiful script.  It would appear to be the script for the innitiation ceremony.


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You may recall that a week ago (or so) I posted a picture of this finding


LB has hit the nail on the head!

Should you feel so inclined, you can read more at: 


So, as promised, a framed copy of the CANVAS NEEDLE!!


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Alright, alright alright…

We DON’T have one of these.

We almost have plans ready to go in for the application for a building permit.

And we have met with two of the three contractors that have agreed to bid on the work.

And it sounds very much like the plans will be submitted soon.  And by the time we decide on a contractor we will almost certainly also have permits in our hands..

And if the wee bungalow was not quite so ridiculously tiny cozy I would not even be remotely anxious about this…

I would be tranquil and calm …


In the meantime in the absence of realhouse news… here is a glimpse of the Lantern Fesitval…


All the children clicked with my camera.

Made of plates. By H.

Pandas. By M.

Zebra. By H.


The Animals by N.


Orangatang. By L.

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Not Queens Drive. Not inside or out.

Both photographs taken by our daughter H. I love them both.

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Hmmm. Found in the chimney. At the basement of the chimney between the basement and the ground floor. It, whatever “it” is, bears the stamp, “Made in England”.

Sailmarkers awl?

Leather awl?

It does not appear that it ever had a handle ~ so what ever it was used for was bleeding hard work.

First Prize for the correct answer ~ a framed 8 X 10 photgraph of the “awl” 🙂

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In the Walls ~ Linoleum

A long narrow strip of linoleum. Found on the floor under a cupboard (a rather newish kitchen cupboard) on the second floor. We have seen no evidence that this particular linoleum was installed elsewhere in the house.

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