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Tim has also been working on the second floor.


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Over the weekend Tim found another sheet of paper – this one is clearly one page of a document setting out construction details for ..garage, stables, cowshed and a piggery…


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A pocket handkerchief..with blue birds….

Soiled of course – why else would someone have put it in the walls?


A full page – fragile but completely intact. A copy of an account to A. J. Miller Esq. from Miss Meaden. The account is in Pounds, Shillings and Pence and includes charges for rent, postage, repairs cables and so on. There are two handwritten notes on the sheet. One of which takes us back to that furniture that was being sold by Pearl?

It says, “Why did you not send me the Account Sales of the furniture sold as you say for 25.4.6. Please do so. “

The document is dated June 18, 2008.  Oops – that should be 1908. Actually that eliminates any connection to Pearl’s furniture based on the date. Oh well.

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Tim has been working all weekend on the taking apart. The main floor is creeping steadily and visibly towards completion. We can’t do much to help except stay out of the way.

We do take lunch.



Growing in the yard…

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A lovely feature of this house, as pointed out to me by Barb S., is that by looking through the living room window one can look right through to the back garden. Through the front window, through the archway on the living room, through the french doors and out the back bedroom (now kitchen )window to the back garden.

I have to get a ladder out into the front garden to take this shot properly. Next week.

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Diagonal braces….which Tim discovered today as he worked through completely finishing one room.

A feature not present in all houses:)

Tim demonstrating ceiling removal.


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