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Wonky picture of the front elevation drawings. Should you be attempting this at home I can pass on what I have learned. Don’t rush. Lay paper flat on kitchen table. Turn a light on.

Oh well.

The dormer on the front matches the dormer on the back. The other change on the front is in the windows. In order to balance out the top windows, one extra window has been added to the row of windows on the east side of the house.

The entry to the house will be unchanged. The chimney will be unchanged. I love the chimney. Connected, of course, to the fireplace which I also love.

 Oh and the windows are going to match the originals. Which of course is why these are preliminary drawings:)






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Thought I would finally try and put a few pictures up. Not very good quality pictures mind you.

Comes with trying to quickly take photos of drawings in bad light.

This shows ( in a preliminary fashion) the back of the house. The windows are the new kitchen windows and they extend the back of the house in that area by about 5 or 6 feet. There is a very small but very sweet covered porch on the west side. Also on the west side you can see the extension that is the staircase.

The new parts of the house, primarily the upper portion, will be cedar shake. The windows will be redone but will match existing windows.

 Kind comments such as “How charming!” would be appreciated:)

Meanwhile back at the ranch…Tim spent the better of the weekend destructing the walls in the upper part of the house.  He seems to have enjoyed himself. In the process he discovered this very very cool linoleum tucked way on the floor under the rafters. Pictures will follow if it doesn’t fall apart when we try to take it out.

And I discovered that the fireplace is a semi-circle shape. I absolutely love it!!





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Snail’s Pace


One step. Two steps. Oops. Stop. Wait. Wait some more.


We are hoping that as I write some kind and thoughtful planner is reviewing our application with a view to providing kind and thoughtful guidance. If this happens perhaps by the end of NEXT week we MAY be in a position of submitting our application for permits. MAYBE. Once we have something that resembles a final plan I will be putting the pictures up on the blog.

As I have been reminded (more than once) patience is a virtue and it is better to do it right now than regret later and all that.

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The past month has been consumed with packing, cleaning, packing, sorting, giving away and on and on until the bitter end. On Friday June 27 I swept the last bit of floor and closed the door on Ballycroy for the last time. I was so completely exhausted that I could not even muster the energy to cry.

We are moved into our little bungalow on William Street. A feat. From 4500 square feet to hmmmm say 500 square feet. It is small but comfortable and very cute inside.

We now gathering up energy to sort through all the stuff that in the last minutes of flurry we ended up moving to Queens Drive –  and leaving anywhere there was a space. We hope to sort it all out in the basement this weekend so there is a clean slate for the moment that the plans are finalized and the permits issued.

As I was reminded over and over again. “This will take longer than you think.” The plans are close to being final. We are delighted with the revised plans (pictures will follow at some point when I finally have internet access at home). The best news is that it looks like we can get away without an extension. I really didn’t  want to eat into the green space…it is such a lovely lot and the sense of space is much of what we love about this property. Currently the plan is to enlarge the second floor to give us our three bedrooms and to bump out part of the back, where the kitchen will be, to give us an extra five feet or so.

Did I say we were delighted with what the architect has done? She is amazing. She loves Arts & Crafts houses and she has developed a plan which respects and, I think, enhances this architectural sense. It’s all good. Except that it feels a bit like round 2 in the World Heavy Weight Championships. Like that.


Pictures will follow.

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