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This is the “house” part of the house at Ballycroy.  We were here for 14 wonderful years – and I will miss the house at Ballycroy.






The “store” part of the house.  The main floor is the old general store for the Town of Ballycroy. Upstairs is the “dance hall” – what was originally a community meeting hall. This is were we held our meetings for BARCA (Ballycroy Area Rural Conservation Alliance) .






The store.



Click here to read some of the history of Ballycroy – and more pictures…


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The Folly


Wit\'s End, BallycroyOur house in Ballycroy has a name. I bought the ceramic letters for the name in Spain years before I saw Ballycroy. And of course for Ballycroy it was the perfect name.





Having become attached to the idea of house names…I am thinking about what might be appropriate for Queens Drive.


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 Entrance to Queens Drive



The house – from Queens Drive


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Our first visit to the house 













Tim standing in “side yard”. View from back garden.







 The house from the west “side yard”.  The tree – I’m told a 200 year old elm, is at the bottom right of the picture.

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